Summary: This the season for JOY. Although what they did to my Lord was horrific, He outlasted them and brought much JOY to those who would believe in Him. And the JOY continues. HAPPY EASTER!


Luke 22:1-7

Luke 22:14-22

Luke 22:31-34


Today's Sermon is titled EASTER- Is there JOY?

You may have noticed that I did not read all of the verses. It was my attempt to shorten the sermon so that everyone can arrive at home before midnight.

This is not all of what happened to Jesus leading up to His crucifixion...

But it gives us a vivid idea of what was transpiring and how the plot of Caiaphas was unfolding...right before our eyes.

Caiaphas had to have this man killed before the start of Feast of the bread. Jesus by no means could be killed during this particular time lest He be considered a Holy Sacrifice by the Jews.

Caiaphas was in a hurry.

And knowing how it would all end...Jesus was playing along, might say.

Do you think any of this could have happened had Jesus not allowed it to happen?


Jesus was to be CRUCIFIED for You

It's a fact that Jesus was wrongfully nailed to a Roman cross and could have escaped...if it were NOT for you.

Matthew 26:53

Matthew 20:18-19


Jesus Died for You

Matthew 27:11

Matthew 27:22-44

They tried to humiliate our Lord...even in His final hours

As Jesus took His last breath...He said "It is finished"...He had finished all that He had set out to give you and me a way...a WAY...for He is the WAY, be RECONCILED back to God



According to John 12:31-33

Jesus drove out Satan, "the prince of this world", at the cross.

Today Satan is a usurper. The cross passed initial judgment on him. His claims were destroyed; his claimed authority was invalidated. His defeat was so complete that he has lost his place and authority. The Greek word "ek-ball-o" means "to drive out, expel." The cross doomed Satan to ultimate expulsion from our world, though he is still active and desperate in his anger and futility. He is the "archon", the ruler of this age only until God enforces the judgment of the cross after Christ's return.

And then again in Colossians 2:15, we can read that at the cross, Jesus "disarmed the powers and authorities". The word disarmed is from the Greek "ape-koy-o", a double compound meaning "to put off completely, to undress completely and thus render powerless."

At the cross, Christ figuratively undressed all demon authorities. It is a picture from the ancient oriental custom of stripping the robes of office from a deposed official. At the cross, the leaders and authorities of Satan's forces and kingdom were stripped of their authority and honor. They now have no authority to oppose, intimidate, or harass you.

But that is not all; there is even more in this picture. Paul says Christ "made a public spectacle of them, triumphing over them by the cross" (v.15). This again is an illustration taken from ancient history.


When a conquering emperor returned from a great victory, he was often given a triumphal procession. The victor and his army marched through streets lined by cheering thousands. While the musicians played, chariots and soldiers carried the looted treasures of the defeated king, and he and his general or other selected prisoners were led in chains, their shame openly displayed.

The Greek word "edeig-ma-ti-sen" means "to make a public exhibition." During the interval between Christ's death and resurrection, when He announced "e-ka-russen" Satan's defeat at the cross to the evil spirits in prison (I Peter 3:19), in symbolism Christ marched triumphantly through the spirit prison, with Satan and his demonic rulers chained in inglorious defeat behind Him.

He made a public spectacle of their defeat, says Paul, and now every demonic being knows his cause is defeated forever, his satanic lord's authority stripped from him, and his own doom waiting for the appointed time (Matt. 8:29).

Also according to Hebrews 2:14...

At the cross, Satan and his unclean spirits were destroyed. The word destroy is from the Greek "ka-targ-eo", which means "to put out of action, to make useless."

It is used repeatedly to show how through the death and the return of Christ "par-ous-i-a", the powers of destruction that threaten man spiritually are put out of action.

Again, in I Corinthians 15:24, it also includes all every dominion of demonic authority and power. In verse 26, death itself will be the last enemy to be rendered useless.

And also in Hebrews 2:14, All these are "coming to nothing," including Satan himself and his demonic leaders as well...reference I Cor. 2:6.


He AROSE for You

He predicted numerous times that He would be raised on the Third Day...and He was

Matthew 28:1-10


He is COMING Back for You

You can rest assured...

You can have confidence

That Jesus is Coming back for You

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