Summary: Fear is a killer, most of the things we fear don't happen. Fear being an emotion can be overcome when you apply these eight steps.

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Definition: fear is a distressing emotion aroused by impending danger, evil, pain, etc. Fear is felt in many forms. We may have a fear of flying, a fear of commitment, a fear of the unknown, or at times, all of the above. Whether the threat is real or imagined... “Fear is such a powerful emotion that it can simply override all other feelings, logic or priorities. And no matter how strong or courageous or bold you are, inevitable circumstances can entangle you in a web of your own fears.

I. Things To know about Fear

A. Fear is an illusion; nonexistence in the physical world -- it is neither tangible nor visible. But it exists in our minds and manifests through our actions.

B. We therefore bring fear to life, many times without need.

C. But fear also plays a vital role in our lives. We would live with reckless abandon if we knew no notion of fear, performing all sorts of downright dangerous activities.

D. The key is to distinguish between actions which induce a healthy acknowledgment of apprehension versus illogical triggers of fear which stifle our potential and limit our well-being.

E. Fear produces stagnancy because it causes us to battle against ourselves.

F. The rational part of our brain wars against our agitated emotions, and the struggle for the stronger of the two causes great stress within us.

G. We worry that our worst fears may come true. And exactly that which we fear, ironically, we bring to life. Conquering our fears begins with the acknowledgment that oftentimes fear is a decision, not an inherent trait or needed component of life.

These 8 Steps is going to make you live a fearless life. And we are going to use the Word: FEARLESS: ACRONYMS

F -- Face the truth:

i. Face the truth of your fears. Face what scares you head-on, and challenge your nervousness.

ii. Separate necessary concerns from baseless fears. Chances are that many of your fears are unwarranted in the greater scheme of your life. Remember, the unfortunate events which you fear will happen do not need to happen.

E -- Erase negative imprints:

i. Many times, your fears stem from your own negative experiences or from witnessing the hardships of those around you. (divorce, robbery attack,barreness,miscarriage, poverty etc)

ii. What you must remind yourself daily -- through simple affirmations or guided visualizations -- is that your past is your past, and whatever happened in your past, which makes you afraid today, must be dealt with and its mental imprints removed permanently.

A -- Allow change:

i. People are by nature afraid of change. They fear that change will somehow disrupt their lives or uproot them from their comfort zone.

ii. But change actually serves to transport us into new greater manifestations of ourselves.

iii. Allow necessary changes to come your way, even if they may seem frightening at first. Every instance of change serves a purpose towards your highest good, and you will learn this in time.

R -- Relax:

i. Fear can be the accumulation of too much stress or extended pressure.

ii. A hectic life with too many responsibilities results in fear of failure.

iii. It's essential that you take time out for yourself to relax and meditate and alleviate your anxieties. So calm down and remind yourself that you will be shown how to resolve all things.

L – Learn how to Listen to God: You can hear from God through these ways:

i. By reading and studying the Word of God (2Tim 2:15)

ii. By hearing the word preached (Rom.10:17)

iii. Meditate daily on the goodness of God (Jos.1:8 )

iv. Commit your ways to the lord (Prov.3:5-7)

E -- End feuds:

i. When you fight with others, you draw fear into your relationships: fear that others will betray hurt or abandon you.

ii. In order to nurture fearlessness, you must make peace with those around you and understand that their intentions are not to cause you harm. (Heb.12:14;Phil.4:2)

S -- Selectivity:

i. You have to learn to be selective about what you want out of life and the things you decide to go after.

ii. Be selective of the kind of friends you should move along with. If they instills fear in you, cut off from them (Pr 13:20)

iii. Select a vision for your future and stick to that mental projection until you've brought it fully to life. (Gen. 11:6)

S - Secure in yourself:

i. In order to shun fear forever, you have to work on your self-esteem.

ii. Fear arises from not believing enough in your own abilities and talents.

iii. When you constantly live in the mindset of of "I can't do it" or, "I'm not good enough," you narrow your window of success to a very slim opening and unconsciously put yourself down. (Phil 4:13)

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