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The Blood Of Jesus Speaking Healing And Deliverance Ministry. Seminary
Lagos, Florida 123401

About Alexander
  • Education: A doctoral degree holder in Theology with Cornerstone University &Theological seminary,Israel,USA.
  • Experience: I have been pasturing a church as a full time pastor since 1992. Was ordained 2000.
  • Family: The name of my wife is Irene Richard. We are hapily married with two boys , one girl.
  • Hobbies: Writing ,reading and exercising.
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  • Christian Fellowship

    Contributed on Oct 25, 2014
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    Christian Fellowship is the time believers gather to worship God at a given place. Many Christians don’t know why they have to gather at a place.This article is going to teach you all about christian fellowship

    I. Why should you attend church service? A. Because God commanded it - Heb.10:25 B. The apostles practiced it - Acts.2:42 C. In Christian fellowship, God promised His presence to abide with His children- Matt.18:20 D. Those who refused to gather will not receive the blessings of God - more

  • Church Government

    Contributed on Jul 27, 2014

    Church government is a necessary element in the body of Christ which serves to establish and maintain order. A church without orderliness will be chaotic in all her activities. This teaching is going to teach about church Government.

    I. The Origin Of Church Government. A. Government itself started by God and was a direct commandment to Noah after the flood. In theology it is called, (The Dispensation of human Government) (Gen.9:5-6) B.Church Government started with Christ, the head of the church (Col. 1:8;Matt. more

  • The Importance Of Deliverance In The Life Of A Christian

    Contributed on Jun 7, 2014
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    This sermon is all about how you can be delivered from the powers of Satan. Many people are in bondage, but don't know how to come out or be delivered. Here, in this sermon you are going to learn how you can get total freedom from Satanic chain

    I. What is deliverance? 1. Deliverance is the expulsion of a bad spirit from a place, person or thing. 2. Deliverance is to break the chains of wickedness. 3. Deliverance is the destruction of satanic yokes. A yoke is something that ties two animals together and the movement one depends more

  • Prayer That Brings Immediate Answer

    Contributed on Jan 25, 2014

    Prayer is one important means of communion with God almighty. Any christian can learn how to pray, but not every prayer receives an answer.Do you want quick answers to your prayers? Read this sermon

    Prayer is a universal act, performed by everyone both believers and unbelievers alike. It is an obligatory act . It’s one of the most vital subjects every one of us should know thoroughly and practice faithfully. This sermon will teach you how. I. WHAT PRAYER IS a.Making our more

  • Eight Steps To Overcoming Fear In Your Life

    Contributed on Jan 18, 2014
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    Fear is a killer, most of the things we fear don't happen. Fear being an emotion can be overcome when you apply these eight steps.

    Definition: fear is a distressing emotion aroused by impending danger, evil, pain, etc. Fear is felt in many forms. We may have a fear of flying, a fear of commitment, a fear of the unknown, or at times, all of the above. Whether the threat is real or imagined... “Fear is such a powerful more