Summary: If we have Christ, we should have joy. There is nothing wrong with enjoying the joy. Joy is found in Christ

3 John 1-4

Enjoy the Joy


A. When is the last time you saw someone smile just for no reason?

B. When is the last time you went to the store and the clerk actually seemed happy to be working?

C. When is the last time you walk in your boss’s office and he seemed to be in a good mood?

D. What is missing in our lives far to much is joy

E. We have missed the joy

F. Today we are going to find the joy that has been missing and we are going to learn how to enjoy the joy

G. We notice that this letter is written to Gaius

H. Who is Gaius? It is the most common name in the New Testament times. It was kinds like Heather a couple of years ago, so we do not know exactly which Gaius this is

I. 3 John is again written by John, he starts the letter with a happy, dare I say joyful, introduction,

J. Next week, Lord willing, we will be looking at verses 5-8 were it gives Gaius some instructions, The after that we will be looking at 9-12 were John goes from the friendly joyous tone to the stern look out tone.

K. This week we get the Joyous introduction, yet it has a lot for us today

L. We are going to learn three different areas to enjoy

1. Enjoy Health

2. Enjoy Encouragement

3. Enjoy Growth

II. Enjoy Health (2)

A. Explanation

1. This is a very common greeting used back in the time of John

2. It was typical to use this style of writing.

3. Let us examine however, the content of this greeting

4. First of all you notice that John is praying for health, he want to make sure that Gaius is in good Health

a) After all it is hard to accomplish much when you are sick

b) Think about the time that you have been sick, think about how hard it is to just answer the phone yet alone perform all the other task during the day

5. Next thing that John is wishing for is that all may go well with you.

a) When we are talking about everything going well, we are talking about going well in the career making money

b) Prosperity in the business world

c) Enjoying pleasures, such as movies

d) Finding time to take a walk

e) Ect. . .

6. John is also concerned about Gaius spiritual life

a) However, because of the comments John has heard

b) And John has talk to Gaius himself, he know that Gaius is doing pretty well spiritually

c) And to the matter John is basically telling him to continue to run the race that God has sent forth.

B. Application

1. So an old guy writes to a younger guy telling wishing him good health. What does that have to do with us?

2. Notice how John was concern with the whole person

3. John cared about Gaius Health

4. John cared about Gaius Life

5. John cared about Gaius Spiritual life

6. He did not just care for one of them

7. That should be our same attitude

8. Yes we should be praying for good health for our friends, there is nothing wrong with that

9. Yes we should be praying for, dare I say it, prosperity. I hope you all become wealthy, just remember were the money came from

10. And must certainly be praying for the spiritual aspect of a person

11. I do not know if you are a tricotomist, believing man is made of body, soul, and spirit. Or a diconmist believing man is made of body and spirit. I don’t care.

12. The important part is that you are concerned with the whole person

13. That you are willing to lift the whole person up and pray for them completely

C. Illustration

1. When trying to explain a concept like this we need to look to Jesus. How did he minister? How many times did he offer physical healing, how many time did he offer food? Jesus understood that you have to minister to the whole person not just their spiritual side.

2. Minister to the whole person, don’t forget a part

III. Enjoy Encouragement (3)

A. Explanation

1. John has been getting reports back from people about Gaius ministry

2. These reports have come back favorably for Gaius

3. In fact if you look ahead in the book you will see that in Verse 5, Gaius has been entertaining missionaries (we will talk about that verse next week)

4. John keeps hearing this reports and is happy

5. However, John uses these reports as encouragement

6. Gaius will receive this letter and say to himself someone does notice what is going on

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