Summary: First in a series on 1 Corinthians focusing on the spiritual position of the believers in spite of their practice.

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Chico Alliance Church

September 15, 2002

Pastor David Welch


I Corinthians 1:1-9

Introduction to the Book


Major trade center

Entertainment center

Two types of games--Olympian/Isthmian. Isthmian held in Corinth.

Cosmopolitan population--Greeks, Roman officials and businessmen and near eastern peoples, including Jews.

Idol worshipping community--Temple to Aphrodite, the goddess of love.

Temple would house some 1,000 priestesses, ritual prostitutes who would come to town every night.

The city had gained a well known reputation for corruption. Its very name became synonymous with gross immorality, and evil behavior.

Corinth was intellectually alert, materially prosperous and morally corrupt.

The ideal Corinthian was the reckless development of the individual. The merchant who made his gain by all and every means, the man of pleasure surrendering himself to every lust.

Paul addressed some of the prevalent sins that were affecting the church and out of which many of the church people had escaped.

fornication, (porneia) idolatry, adultery, effeminacy, homosexuality, stealing, covetousness, drunkenness, reviling, swindling.

Because of its strategic location, there was an incredible amount of wealth that came into the city. It was a city that attracted all kinds of people as a result.

Much has been made of the conditions in Corinth--much of it has been overstated and exaggerated according to Fee’s commentary.

The picture that emerges is one of a predominantly Gentile community, the majority of who were at the lower end of the ladder.


Paul first came on his 2nd missionary journey.

Stayed with Aquilla and Priscilla

Preached regularly in the synagogue with increased opposition

Stayed about 1.5 years with increased Jewish opposition.

Paul left Aquilla & Pricilla in charge ( Acts 18)

Apollos became the 2nd leader and was a powerful preacher.

Paul is thought to have written a response to some issues in the church a short time after he left.

The present letter makes reference to a previous correspondence.

It is apparent that although there was a church in Corinth--there was a great deal of Corinth in the church.

This resulted in a number of attitudes and behaviors that required major surgery without killing the patient.


There were many problems associated with this church

Two appear prominent--

1--A problem of internal fractionalization

2--A problem of external fraternization.

They tolerated all kinds of sinful behavior in the church when they should have been dealing with it.

They failed to reach out to those in the world they were supposed to win.

In spite of the problems, Paul centered on their position in Christ.

He continually reminded them of who they were by reason of their identification with Christ.


Address and Introduction 1:1-9

I. Reproof for fleshly behavior 1-6

A. Reproof concerning divisions 1-4

B. Reproof concerning disorder 5-6

II. Response to questions and issues 7-16

A. Concerning Marriage 7

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