Summary: 1. During the month of November, many of us are reading through the book of Ezekiel.

18. God would not only destroy the wall, but the false prophets with it. Then their whitewash or plaster will do them little good. Then the people will not ask where is the whitewash because they will know that it did them no good.

19. Next Sunday evening we will take a look at what role the true prophets or people of God are to take in dealing with this flimsy wall.

20. But this evening let us consider if this kind of wall is being built today. By our nation or even worse by the church.

21. What the question really is "In what are we pacing our trust?" On what do we depend to meet our enemies and tribulations? Where is our hope placed in? The people in Jerusalem, as we said, depended on false gods, alliances, and corruption.

22. In our land today there are many false gods. This includes the rapid growth of cults and psychic hotlines. Many would rather have some charleton at the other end of the telephone line tell them how to live and to give them hope than God Himself. In fact I understand that witchcraft is the fastest growing religion. One of the more popular websites is the "Ontario consultants on religious tolerance" which tells all about witchcraft. And in the name of ecumenism many churches worship at special services along with Bhuddists and others from various religions. And this not to mention the biggest false religion. Worship of man, his achievements and worship of self.

23. The hope of the world is no longer in God, so our society says. Many build walls made of hope in everything but God. Seldom is God called upon to protect us. We talk about Mother Nature as if God had no role anymore today.

24. And many of todayís so-called Christian prophets whitewash these flimsy walls. They change the word of God to try and legitimize other religions, other ways to God. They sanction sins and say that these sins are acceptable. They make alliances with those who are not of God.

25. We may get discouraged. But as we read they will be destroyed along with the walls they have built and covered up.

26. But each one of us must also examine ourselves. What are our secret sins? What are we doing in the rooms of our lives that we want no one else to see? And do our lives throughout the week display worship of God or worship of the idols of todayís world.

27. We need to both examine ourselves and we need to expose the false gods of our current age. May we live as if God is our wall, our protection. May we trust that living in accordance with His word is the only way to live.

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