Summary: How can you shine bright like a diamond.

After Moses spent time with God, Moses’ face shone and people knew that Moses had been with God, therefore they listened to God’s word from Moses.

Here are three lessons to learn from this scripture:


If we want to hear from God then we need to spend time on our own with God. A place with no interruptions, no: TV, mobile, family demands, thoughts about yesterday, today or tomorrow. We need to captivate every thought and put it in its place. Put the phone on silent, switch the TV off and let the family know that it’s ‘no interruption’ time. Hence Moses went alone to the mountain to meet with God, away from any interruptions.

When you have set time aside in your secret place, try following the pattern of ACTS Adoration, Confession, Thanksgiving and Supplication. But the main thing is that you pray listening to God because his voice is the one you need to hear and not your own or anyone else’s.


God’s anointing comes in God’s timing and when our heart and motives are right. The anointing is for God’s purposes which are higher and greater than our own. If we can do the job in our own strength then we don’t need God’s anointing. The anointing isn’t for our glory but for God’s glory. You won’t receive God’s anointing if you have no desire to do God’s will in your life.

Moses wanted to take his people to the promised land, he wanted God’s will to be done, so God instructed Moses.


The people could see that Moses had been with Almighty God and they were afraid, not of Moses but of God.

When God has anointed you and called you, then nothing and no-one can stop you, from fulfilling that calling except you. It’s God’s plan and purpose so you best get out there and just do it. Don’t try to understand it just do it. Don’t worry about what what people think, if they want to receive from God they will receive you.

When you do what God’s called you to do then people will be blessed. Remember God’s calling on your life is not about you, it’s all about what God wants to do in and through you.

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