Summary: God gives rise to men and nations, God prospers men and nations, God hears when men and nations pray, and, for those men and nations that don’t listen to Him, sooner or later, He causes those men and nations to fall.

Face the Nation

I. Introduction

The Bible (Proverbs 25:2) tells us that it is the glory of God to conceal a matter, any matter, from man. For He is man’s creator, and only he knows what is right for man. Only God knows the beginning and the end, and only He will be able to lead those that put their faith in His Son to that end. But, are we ready to let Him do it?

God has been reconciling man to himself since Adam and Eve, and will continue, until He sends His Son to conquer the prince of this world. God is ready to reconcile to Him those here today that don’t know Him. But, are you ready to let Him do it?

Man will live and man will die, he is but a mist or smoke that is here today and gone tomorrow. And, if he or she belongs to the Lord, in the end he or she will be gathered to the Lord. Until Jesus establishes His Kingdom on this earth, nations will continue to rise up in God’s sight and nations will prosper. Nations will follow other gods and, sometimes to the disappointment and the embarrassment of many Christian leaders, they, too, will grow and prosper if God desires that they do so. And, it is the true desire of God for all to come to Him and that He prosper those nations that come to Him. But, are we ready to let Him do it?

The puzzling fact that baffles the mind of the believer is why do men continue to claim that life is getting better when oil is running out, when diseases are getting stronger, and when man cannot even eliminate the cockroach. Mankind is dying, yet the inevitable death of every man and woman is frequently blinded by their own shallow success, their own heartless and selfish desire to make themselves better than the person next to them. Man is searching for the meaning of life in the pursuits of pleasure and learning, when all they have to do is turn to God. All they have to do is turn to God and untold blessings and joy will replace those desires for worldly pleasure and learning. But, are we ready to let Him do it?

Books on every subject have been and will continue to be written and sought after, much more so than the Bible. Even in the study of God the book that is becoming less and less consulted concerning the will and way of God is the Bible. We need to turn to the Word of God to determine the Will of God for the people of God. But, are we ready to read the Word?

Worldly knowledge and learning expands and will continue to expand, but the desire for more knowledge and the pursuit of worldly knowledge can overcome a man and drive him further from God. Worldly teaching based on worldly values only provides mock satisfaction to an already lost and dying world, while further confusing an already bewildered and leaderless society.

This brings to mind the so-called circle of sin found in the Bible. In the Bible we see where the Israelites would come to God, then stray from God; then later they would come to God then stray from God; and the cycle would repeat itself. Why? Well, the number one cause in the Bible for punishment and chastisement? “Every man did what was right in his own eyes!”

Man has known since the beginning of time that God exists, but have, like Cain, and countless others, chosen to follow their own preferred way. They knew that God existed, they knew that God created the world, they knew that God was working in the world, yet, they chose to follow their own hearts, their own preferences, and their own path. Why? Because, they are doing what is right in their own eyes.

Additionally, the speed at which man is traveling along the road to destruction is increasing. Man is rapidly becoming ignorant of God, even in the so-called Christian countries. Beginning with Cain, man began simply ignoring God and His commands because of pride. And, because of pride, man did not feel the need to teach their sons and daughters about God.

Now, time has moved on, and, generally speaking, man is simply ignorant of God. Why? Because, everyone is doing what is right in their own eyes. Ignorance does not mean stupid or dumb, it means unaware and uninformed. We are a society that is unaware and uniformed about God and the blessings that He has for every individual. Yet, the ignorant person today will tell you that the Christian, in fact, is the ignorant one. Today’s society has progressed (or actually regressed) to the point that God is a moot point, an unlikely deity for an informed world! The world will laugh and tells us that Christians are the uninformed, that Christians are the ignorant ones, and that believing in God is passé, old-fashioned or no longer trendy.

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