Summary: A message inspiring one to keep their faith in God and not solutions.

Faith Shifting

James 1:5-6

When I speak of Faith Shifting I point to the times when our Faith switches positions. When our Faith is moved from God to the possible solution, the way out, or the decision we make. Our faith should at all times be grounded on God, whether it be God the Father, God the Son, or God the Holy Ghost. Do not let your faith shift.

I. Predetermined outcome

A. This is the answer, before God even speaks

B. This is not going to work, before we ever make an effort

C. This is the way, before God ever opens the door

When we tell ourselves "I can never change," or "That will never happen," we presume too much and believe too little. In Jesus Christ, God renders all of our final conclusions premature and all of our talk of determinism as simply bad faith. In Christ, God opens closed doors, brings resurrection, reveals possibilities, reclaims the lost, liberates the cursed and possessed, and changes the unchangeable.

II. Standing on the solution instead of God

A. Shift our standing ground from God to the solution

B. Try to makes things happen before God is moving

C. Trust the opinions of man before trusting in God

Trying to destroy or defend the Word of God is like having two men push with toothpicks on opposite sides of the Rock of Gibraltar. While one is trying to push it over with his toothpick, the other is trying to hold it up with his. The rock is going to stay firm regardless of what either man does!

IV. Downfall because of shifted faith

A. The solutions are not stable, only God is stable

B. Solutions will crumble out from under you, God is omnipotent

C. Don’t stand on the solution, stand on the truth of God’s Word.

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