• Charles Gilbert

    Contributing sermons since Jan 1, 2000
Charles's church

Detroit Church of God
Detroit, Alabama 35552

About Charles
  • Family: Pastor Charles Gilbert is married to Michelle Gilbert, and they have two children, a son, Micah Levi Gilbert and a daughter, Leah Michelle Gilbert.
  • Books that have had an impact: Reinventing Evangelism (Donald C. Posterski), Purpose Driven Church (Rick Warren)
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  • Speaking In Tongues

    Contributed on Jul 22, 2002
    based on 78 ratings

    Dealing with the issue of why we Speaking In Tongues and the purpose of Speaking In Tongues. The Holy Ghost and Speaking in tongues go together.

    Speaking In Tongues I Corinthians 14:39-40 Detroit Church of God Pastor Charles Gilbert July 21, 2002 I. Why do we “speak in tongues?” A. It is scriptural 1. Paul, in I Cor. 14:5, states, “I would that ye all spake with tongues...” 2. Paul further declares in I Cor. 14:18, “I thank my more

  • The Fork In The Road Of Doubt

    Contributed on Jun 23, 2002
    based on 124 ratings

    A sermon dealing with the issue of doubt.

    The Fork in the Road of Doubt Numbers 13:26-33 John 20:24-29 As we travel life’s road we will from time to time become detoured onto a road called doubt. The road called doubt will always have a fork at the end in which you decide which direction to take. The determining factor to whether more

  • Christian Maturity: Dependence Or Independence

    Contributed on Aug 29, 2001
    based on 91 ratings

    A sermon asking the question about Christian maturity, is it becoming more dependent on oneself or on Jesus.

    Christian Maturity: Dependence or Independence II Corinthians 12:9-10 We have a perception of maturity that as one becomes maturer and as one becomes greater in power that he becomes more dependent upon self or becomes independent. We get this perception when we consider children, as they more

  • Faith Shifting

    Contributed on Aug 9, 2001
    based on 38 ratings

    A message inspiring one to keep their faith in God and not solutions.

    Faith Shifting James 1:5-6 When I speak of Faith Shifting I point to the times when our Faith switches positions. When our Faith is moved from God to the possible solution, the way out, or the decision we make. Our faith should at all times be grounded on God, whether it be God the Father, more

  • I Know

    Contributed on Aug 9, 2001
    based on 65 ratings

    A challenge to take a look a know whom it is that you have believed.

    I KNOW II Timothy 1:6-14 I. Paul is writing to Timothy. A. From a Roman prison facing the death penalty B. To encourage Timothy C. Last recorded words of Paul II. Paul had been abandoned. A. By other believers II Timothy 4 10. For Demas hath forsaken more

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