Summary: Fall seems to creep up on us it comes almost unexpectedly. Maybe you can remember a time in your life when you too experienced an unexpected fall. For me it happened when I was a young police officer

Fall is not just a Season

1 Samuel 2:12-26

Welcome back everyone hope you all had a nice summer break. This morning I want to look at a Season of the year that can also become for us a season that turns into a spiritual condition.

FALL - soon it will be upon us and as some of you may be familiar with the Canadian Tire commercial that depicts the reaction of many in Canada to this time of year. The ad shows a man sitting in his hammock enjoying the warm summer breeze when suddenly a leaf from the tree he is under begins to fall to the ground. In absolute horror the man lets out a scream that echo’s across the neighborhood. It’s a funny little commercial but it is also powerful in reminding us that the season does indeed change.

Well much may have changed while we have been away this summer. We are excited and rejoice with the Strevels at the change in their family, a new baby. Mike and Tracey are proud new parents of a baby girl (Julia Diane) born August 13, 2008. We pray God’s richest blessing on them and their family with this new addition.

While we have been closed for August we have had an opportunity to have new carpet installed and we thank those who removed the pews and then put them back in our new and improved sanctuary. Little by little we see changes in our life as a church. These changes are reflected in our lives in the church as a building and in our church as a family.

Fall seems to creep up on us it comes almost unexpectedly. Maybe you can remember a time in your life when you too experienced and unexpected fall. For me it happened when I was a young police officer. I had just received my new uniform and I was asked to bring a fist full of papers to the Justice of the Peace. It was a short walk from the police station to the JP’s office.

I would be walking right downtown past all the businesses and business men of the community. I wanted to be sure they saw me in my new uniform and I wanted to be sure they knew how important I was. So I walked very fast to suggest my trip was urgent. As I walked I could not help but admire myself in the windows of the passing stores.

I looked good in my new uniform all dressed up as a Police Officer. Just as I was taking pride in my new appearance and new responsibility a large double parking meter hit me in the chest. I was so busy admiring myself I didn’t see the parking meter until it was too late.

The next thing I saw was my two feet level with my eyes. I was in the air FALLING with all the important papers coming down all around me as if they were mocking me. The store owners had been out to sweep their sidewalks all saw me tumble to the ground. My pride turned into shame since I knew it was my pride and vanity that brought me down.

Today’s scripture passage reminds us to be careful of FALL. Not so much the season but the condition of falling away from the Lord. You see even Pastors need to be very careful of this condition of falling. Just like anyone else they too are susceptible to sin and our human condition. Church leaders too need to guard their lives against such falls.

Eli was a Priest in God’s service and Eli’s sons were to continue that service until they fell. You see Eli was an excellent Priest but a lousy parent. He lived a good life before God and the community but he did not correct or discipline his two sons when it was needed. This all came back to fall on his shoulders and the repercussions were devastating to Eli and his family.

The boys were to follow in their fathers footsteps. In these Old Testament times the family line formed the Priesthood and Eli was to be that family line until his sons proved unworthy. The bible says in 1 Samuel 2:12 Eli’s sons were wicked men; they had no regard for the Lord.

How do these things happen to people who are supposed to be faithful followers of God? Well they fall, and just like that Canadian Tire commercial they should let out a scream as they see themselves falling but many do not they just fall without responding to their condition. Well what brings this kind of thing on us?

Many of you probably know they old saying "Pride comes before a fall". Well the correct reading of that saying is found in Proverbs 16: 17, 18 & 19.

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