Summary: In what way is God a Father to all human beings? There are idol worshippers, atheists, christians, etc. How does God act as a father to all of them?








“And I will be a Father to you, and you shall be sons and daughters to Me,” says the Lord Almighty. – 2 Corinthians 6:18

In God I find

A Father’s mind

When I was in need

He did feed

When I shed a tear

He did come near

When I walked in the darkest way

He did offer me a light ray

On my bed when I lay

Wonderful words I hear Him say

When my pain was much

I did feel His wonderful touch

In God I find

A Father’s mind


On one hand, we see God as a father to all human beings, and on the other hand we see Him as a father especially to believers. So, we will look into the following two points in order to understand clearly the father’s heart of God in its completeness.

1) God as a father to non-believers

2) God as a father to believers

Father’s heart of God as a father to all human beings in general is different from His father’s heart as a father to believers.


A) Father to idol-worshippers:

Idol worshippers are like those children who think that the One True Living God is not their real Father and consider someone else to be their father. Imagine a child calling a person “father” in front of his own father. That father’s heart breaks into pieces. Father’s heart of God is crying out, “My children, I am your true father. I created you with My own hands. The ones you call fathers are not your fathers. Turn to me. Don’t break my heart anymore.”

B) Father to atheists:

Atheists are like children who think that they came into existence without a father. Atheists think that they are wise. But, they don’t know that Heaven is laughing at their foolishness. How does a father feel if he hears his child say, “I just came into being by myself. I have no parents?” Only a mad child would say that. God also thinks of atheists as mad and foolish of heart. Father’s heart of God is longing to remove their madness and impart wisdom to them regarding His existence.

C) Father to namesake Christians:

By the term “namesake Christians”, I mean those people who were Christians by birth but do not have the experience of new birth. They know that God is their Father. But, they do not adore Him as their Father. Imagine a father and a child living in the same house. How would the father feel if his child behaves as if there is no relationship between them? How would the father feel if his child never calls him father, in spite of knowing that he is his father? Doesn’t the father’s heart of God break because of these namesake Christians? God is longing to hear them call Him father with love-filled hearts.


A) Father to infants:

New-born believers are like infants in God’s sight. Everything the infant does will bring joy in a home. O how the father’s heart rejoices, when the infant learns to utter simple words like ‘papa’ or ‘mama’! The father would say, “See! My child is calling me. O how sweet his voice is! He is the most beautiful thing I have.” Even the Heavenly Father’s heart responds in the same manner to the newly born-again believers. Newly born-again believers are like infants. Every spiritual activity they do, even though immature, will bring great joy to the Father heart of God.

B) Father to little kids:

Little kids are curious about everything. They ask a lot of questions. They want to know everything. This is the stage when the father teaches the kids about everything that the child can understand. God as a father to spiritual kids, desires to answer their every question, and teach them the basic elements of the spiritual life. God will carry them on His bosom, as they do not have strength on their own to walk their long spiritual journeys.

C) Father to grown-up children:

When we grow spiritually, Father God expects us to do some things by ourselves. At this stage, the Father’s heart of God expects us to know at least some things by our own. He won’t give us spoon-feeding. That is for little kids. I am not saying that we should depend less upon God, as we grow older. It is only a sign of maturity. We are forever totally dependant upon God, no matter how big we grow in spirit.

D) Father to teenagers:

The most important characteristic of a teenager in my opinion is that they know more than their parents! Without any doubt, there are spiritual teenagers! They think they know everything about God and Bible! How does the Father heart of God respond to spiritual teenagers? I believe God is an expert father! He knows how to handle spiritual teenagers. Here, I am not going to say how God as a father to spiritual teenagers handles them. I just want to present to you the type of challenges God is facing with His children.

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