Summary: Just like prayer and Bible Study, Evangelism is what we do!

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Text: Matt. 10:5-16


A. Read Matt. 10:5-15

B. Illustration: Once I heard a Catholic priest preach to his congregation on evangelism. At the conclusion of the service, an elderly lady asked him, “Father, isn’t evangelism for the Protestants?”

C. The point is this: If you call yourself a Christian then you are an evangelist!


Transition: Today we are going to look at five principles of evangelism.

I. YOU’RE GOING! (5-7)

A. As You Go!

1. The thing that stuck out to me as I began reading this passage was Jesus decisiveness.

§ First he tells them who to go to: the Jews.

§ Second, he tells them who not to go to: the Gentiles.

§ But most importantly he tells them that they are going!

2. Notice with me the phrase, “As you are going…”

§ He does not say “if you go,” or “when you go,” but “as you go!”

§ In other words, “You are going!”

3. For any Christian evangelism is not an option: IT is a command!

4. Illustration: It is like when you tell your children, “We are going to the store,” and they respond, “But I don’t want to go,” and to that you reply, “I didn’t ask you if you wanted to go, you are going!”

5. To those who say, “But our little church might get too big that way,” I would say, “Church is not a country club that we go to be comfortable in, but it is a hospital for those who are dying!”

§ Our church is big enough when every sinner in the city of Yellville has come to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.

§ That is the mission that God has given us, and until it is accomplished our job is not done!

§ We are here to seek and to save that which is lost!

B. The Kingdom Is Near

1. Jesus tells them to tell people that the kingdom of heaven is near.

2. The message was also to be like the message of Jesus, “Turn from your sins and turn to God, because the Kingdom of Heaven is near” (Matt. 4:17, NLT).

3. The urgency of the gospel says that Jesus will be coming in the twinkling of an eye, and so repent while there is still time.

Transition: The next principle is…


A. More Than Just Preaching

1. Notice that Jesus tells them to do more than preach, but they are also to meet people’s needs.

2. Jesus had given them the authority to do these things in verse 1.

3. He tells them to do it freely.

B. We Must Meet People’s Physical As Well As Spiritual Needs

1. We cannot just tell people to get saved when they have no food to feed their children.

2. It is hard to hear the gospel when you stomach pangs drown it out.

3. When we give things for the Easter Project we hope that people are encouraged to come to church. However, if they do not we know that we are doing what Jesus commanded us to do. We are meeting people’s physical needs.

Transition: People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.


A. Don’t Take Anything With You

1. Jesus tells the disciples not to take anything extra with them.

2. He did this in order for them to realize that He will meet there needs.

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