Summary: After everything that had happen to Jesus, he still took time to talk and comfort those who cried out to him

Luke 23:27-31

Focusing on Jesus Carrying the Cross


A. How many of you have been sick this winter

B. I had a feeling of that, just about everybody has had or does have some sort of cold

C. I don’t know how you respond when you are sick

D. But when I am sick I am not exactly the most energetic person

E. I force myself to concentrate on only what absolutely needs done

F. And I do what needs to be done and that is all

G. I tend to get everything done and basically crash the rest of the day

H. I do not like to deal with other people problems then and I admittedly become totally self centered,

I. I hate when I do that, but that is what happens

J. Now picture Jesus for a moment

K. Thought he did not have a cold he was going through a tough time

L. But today, we are going to look at the way Jesus did not become self centered and still reached out to us, Specifically we are going to look at three ways Christ Showed His Love For Us

I. Weeping out (27)

A. Explanation

1. WE have to remember what is going on here

2. In the other 3 accounts of the Christ’s sentence we have a receive a very graphic picture of what all Christ has been through

3. He has been beaten

a) The reason that He was beaten was because Pilate attempted to try and settle the argument by beating Christ

b) He figured that rather then putting him to death on the Cross that if he would beat Jesus then the Jews would go away and it would all be over

4. Obviously that was not enough for the Jews

5. So then after mocking spitting punching… Ect…

a) I don’t know about you but I get this idea of the Rodney King beatings that just did not seem fair

6. They make him carry his cross

7. I have never received a beating of 39 (why 39, 40 was considered beating to death) with a whip

8. I imagine though you would not have much strength left, the wounds from the lashes would still be open, blood would be flowing down your body, and I was in serious pain after my little finger incident on Christmas Eve.

9. But here Christ is walking to the place were He will hang on the Cross, because of the Jewish people who wanted to kill him

10. There are some who are weeping out loud thinking that this is not fair and Christ stops to talk them

B. Application

1. Let’s examine this and see what we can apply to our lives

2. Those women were Jewish

a) Women did not have equal rights there were (sorry women) basically viewed as second class women, lower them men

b) They were Jewish. The Jewish people have cause all this is the first place

c) But Christ did not show hate towards the Jewish people

d) There is not room for racism

e) The Jews obviously mistreated Christ

f) He was not upset with the entire Jewish race

g) We are not allowed to treat and entire religious belief, and entire race, and entire country, and entire people group wrong because of the actions of some.

h) WE are all people and people matter to God

i) Imagine if we lived in a world that looked at people for what they were and not who they were

j) Imagine

3. Christ had been beat, carrying a large cross, probably had not slept in a long time and notice people cried out to Him and He heard them

a) You would think He might have been preoccupied with everything that is going on

b) However, He took time to listen

c) Took time to respond

d) Took time to show His Compassion

e) God never is too busy, God hears our Pleas

f) God responds to our pleas

g) The God of all Comfort is there waiting for you to just open up and weep out loud and comfort you

h) Let Him Hear you

C. Illustration

1. Before service is a tough time for me. Making sure I have all my stuff together, make sure my wireless is working, making sure I have my notes, making sure everything is in place. It is usually pretty hectic. Often people will talk to me. I have to admit it is hard to concentrate because all that stuff going on. I am trying to do a better job at that but it is tough. Christ is always ready, never too busy, never to hectic.

2. Ready and wanting you to crawl up in His lap and listen to you and just comfort you

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