Summary: Jesus spoke of carrying our cross daily. Exactly what does that mean to us 2000 years later?

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Luke 9:23-26

Focusing on Simon Carrying the Cross


A. Luke 23:26 (read it)

B. There we find a guy was just randomly grabbed to carry the cross for Jesus

C. Jesus was in no physical condition to carry it any longer

D. After being beaten that much I doubt anyone could

E. Carrying a cross that is a tough thing to do

F. In our Scripture passage we read what Jesus told us about carrying the cross

G. A cross is not made out of twigs, to carry a cross takes a lot of energy

H. Today we are going to look at the implications of carrying our cross, specifically:

a. Deny

b. Delivered

c. Deprived

I. Deny (23)

A. Explanation

1. This is a verse that we are well familiar with

2. A lot of us have heard it time and time again but let us look at it and imagine it is out first time hearing it

3. First is the whole deny thing – what does that really mean

a) We as humans are naturally greedy

b) We thing we own all and everything is our

c) If you do not believe me hang out with a two year old and record the number of time he says “Mine”

d) So to deny ourselves is to give up passions

e) To give up our lives and realize that our lives are not our own. (hold that thought for a couple of minutes)

4. We also read in this verse about taking up his cross daily and follow me

5. Events shape our lives and thoughts, common human tendency, not a bad one but just what happen

a) When Jesus was about 11 years old there was a man named Judas the Galilean who led a rebellion against Rome

b) Judas attract a couple of Roman places, however was eventually caught

c) They burned Judas to the ground, took a bunch of others into slavery, and by the way they crucified another 2000 people alongside the road to teach a lesson to those who were thinking about rebellion

6. So when you have that horrific event in mind, when Christ is speaking these words, you realize that following Jesus could lead to persecution

7. Could lead to stuff that no one wants to experience

B. Application

1. Lets now take that thought and the one I ask you to remember and put them together and see how that will effect our lives

2. Its not about us

3. Our lives should be about God

4. Concerned with what concerns him

5. Imagine if could grab a hold of that concept

6. On one hand it would make life a lot less stressful when you realize that your life is not your own but God. It is kind of like becoming an employee rather then an owner

7. However, it means that we have a lot higher standard to meet

8. If God is in control of our lives, we have try and live up to His standards

9. To worry about His worries

10. To be willing to stand up for Christ, not matter what, even if it involves Crucifixion

11. Understand God promises to be with you always, but He never promises that you will not have difficult times, in fact just the opposite, there will be difficult times.

12. Be careful when you say this verse, don’t say unless your willing to follow it

C. Illustration

II. Delivered (24)

A. Explanation

1. Verse 24 is interesting; it seems like just one of those confusing statements that never make sense to anyone.

2. But this one does make sense if we stop and think about it for a couple of seconds

3. If there is one lesson I wish I could have learned earlier in my life

4. If there is one lesson I wish I could convey to you

5. If there is one lesson that I need remind of every day it is this

a) It is not about me!

b) It is about God!

6. Once we put everything, Our hope, money, passion, energy, all that we have both physical and emotional passions to God

7. Then we will save our lives

8. by saving our lives, we have to realize something, The average life span of a human in North America is somewhere around 70.

9. Lets just say you get lucky and live to be 100, there are not to many 100 year olds around, but lets just use that number

10. We are told that if we follow God here on Earth we will get to spend eternity with him

11. How long is eternity? 1 million years? Obviously it is longer then that. Earth then is about 1 hundredth of your existence here on Earth

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