Summary: We all have different phobias in our lives, but there some phobias concerning God that we do not need to have!

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Romans 8:31-39

Getting on the Same Pages as God about Freedom from fear


A. Phobia – an abnormal fear

B. Let me give you a list of some phobia’s

C. We have created another Phobia Godnotlovingusphobia

D. The fear of God not loving us.

E. Today we are going to get rid of those fears

F. We are going to look at the Bible and see what it has to say about Godnotlovingusphobia, specifically

1. God is for us

2. Christ died for us

3. God Justifies Us

4. Christ intercedes for us

5. God Love us

I. God is for us (8:31)

A. Explanation

1. Is God for us?

2. Take a look at the evidence

3. First of all God gave us his son

a) If someone offers you the use of their servant that is one thing, but when someone sends their son that major events

b) It is kind of like a big company offering their 2nd in command

c) Not only did he send His Son, but he knew that His Son would be punished for our sins

4. Not only do we have the Son but also we are told in verse 26 that God send the Spirit for us.

5. So we have both the Son and Spirit that God gave us

6. God also promises, and we know that God never breaks his promises, that he will make sure that all things work for the good

7. God is on our side

B. Application

1. So what? Why is that important to my life?

2. How many of you have ever felt lonely?

3. How many of you have ever felt overwhelmed?

4. How many of you have ever felt scared?

5. Guess what?

6. God is for you!

7. God is on your side!

8. Jeremiah 29:11 (can any one quote that without looking it up?)

a) Notice the second part of that, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future

9. If God is for us, who can be against us?

C. Illustration

1. A very popular phrase is “a Hollywood ending” What the means is that at the end of the movie everything is good. Well, with God, you can enjoy that Hollywood ending.

2. Why? Because God is for us!

3. Isn’t that wonderful!

II. Christ died for us (32)

A. Explanation

1. Have you ever thought about how bad you are?

2. How sinful you are? How many times you have disobeyed God?

3. Despite the number and the extent of our sin, God sent His Son to this Earth.

4. God knew that Jesus would not come here clean things up and leave

5. He knew that Jesus would have to hang on the Cross to save us from our sins

6. And Jesus did that, while we were still sinners

7. This is a argument from the lesser to the greater

a) If you remember in Math 6:25-34 Jesus tells us The birds are taken care of by God and that the grass of the fields is taken care of.

b) If these things God can take care of, don’t you think he can take care of you?

8. The same type of Argument Paul is using here in verse 32, if God is willing to give up His Son for you, don’t you think that God is willing to give us all things

B. Application

1. Question? Why do we worry so much?

2. Think about it

3. Who here has never gotten enough air to live?

4. Who here has never had enough food to live?

5. Who here does not have a place to live?

6. If God is able to take of those things don’t you think He can take care of all things?

7. If God is willing to give us his Son, don’t you think that he would be willing to give us all things

8. If God is the ruler of all like we confess that he is, then that means he owns everything

9. If he owns everything that means everything that we have is a gift from God

10. Think about what you have! You have everything, and that everything is from the One who owns everything!

11. Amazing isn’t it?

C. Illustration

1. Advertising executives have this concept figured out. Take Nike for example. They will give Michael Jordan and Pile of money to wear their shoes. What they are banking on is that if their shoes are good enough for Jordan to wear, they must be good enough for everyone else, and market the product that way

2. Take a look what God did. He sent His precious Son Here to die on the cross to provide salivation. If God cares enough to do that, cant you assume then that God loves you enough to provide everything that you need?

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