Summary: You must return to the Lord! Outline

Amos 4:9-13

Proposition: You Must Return To Jesus!

I. Because your planting is in vain! vs. 9

A. There is no blessing! vs. 9a

B. There is no fruit! vs. 9b

II. Because your power is gone! vs. 10

A. It is only form! vs. 10a

B. It is a stench! vs. 10b

III. Because your judgment has begun! vs. 11

A. Examples have been given to you! vs. 11a

B. Grace has been given to you! vs. 11b

IV. Because your visitation is near! vs. 12, 13

A. He is coming as God! vs. 12

B. He is coming as a Warrior! vs. 13

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