Summary: We cast a shadow long after we are gone from this world!

Acts 5:12-16

Verse 12-Through the hands:

Here is a tremendous display of physical healing power at the hands of the apostles.

Acts 4:29-30

That is what they asked God to do, and that is what He did.

Verse 1 3-Neither Pharisees, Sadducees, nor Herodians, were found in this Church meeting.

Don’t be surprised when people pull away from Church, when the truth is being preached, when they are being convicted of their sins, when it hits to close to home.

The unbelieving people of Jerusalem are closer to the truth than their religious leaders.

Their leaders cannot reffite the miracles Jesus is performing through His apostles, nor can they ignore the association they had with Jesus in His ministry. Yet they will not follow the evidence where it leads.

Verse 14-While others fall away or pull back from assembling with them, there are others who come to know Christ as their Savior.

Verse 15-16-They not only came to where the Disciples were to not only get their spiritual needs meet but also their physical needs meet also.

Some churches on meet the spiritual needs of people, some churches only meet the physical needs of people, but God wants to and can meet both needs, if we will allow Him!

All Healed-God does not do anything halfway and He doesn’t want His people do things halfway!!!

Shadow-What age do you have to be to cast a shadow? Any Age!

Does your influence cast a shadow? Yes it does!

Long after your gone from this old world, the things you have said, the things you have done, the things you have taught, will be passed on, from your kids, to your grandkids, maybe.even to your great grandkids.

Now don’t you want to make sure that what you are passing on is what will benefit them the most!

Godly wisdom.. . Things you have learned in Church, or in Bible study or lesson you have learned the hard way.

Godly experiences. . The times they spent with you in Church, or praying before a meal, or reading them a Bible story.

The pastor’s wife who would lay out the husbands clothes for Church and the daughter who thought that was awfiul till see looked in her parents bedroom on Sunday morning and seen her daddy on his knees praying for his family and the church because of the extra time that was given to him by this selfless act.

The young man who heard his mother read the book of Job to his sick brother, he never forgot that!

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