Summary: Stand up when something is wrong no matter what status they have.

Gal 2:11 But when Peter was come to Antioch, I withstood him to the face, because he was to be blamed

This is a good passage for those who are in churches where they hear "touch not my anointed" or "don't go up against God's man" sermons anytime that pastor blunders badly and doesn't want to correct the issue. That is a fear tactic to keep people from questioning doctrinal error or poor leadership.

Paul. as the junior Apostle or one born out of due time could have just let it go and report it to the Council in Jerusalem. By the time they could address it, the church would already be destroyed. How could he go up against the man Jesus chose to build His church and united all the groups in one Body? This man won three thousand souls in one day! It is not my church as I do not build upon someone else's foundation so I will just let it alone.

Nope, wrong answer! It was serious business and as our Youth Pastor said recently, "You see it! You own it!" Paul had his Gospel gun fully loaded and he was going to blast away that error and he did not care who it was! Truth prevails over personalities or celebrities. Besides how do you let a good friend get sucked into the mess?

There would be far less dictatorial pastors destroying churches with thier errors and bad behaviors if the people would read the Book and do what is right in the right way rather than living in fear and condemnation.

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