Summary: Today we may wonder what is glory and how is glory achieved. Our readings today will help us understand glory better.

Glory 2 Corinthians 4:3-6

1. There are two verses in the text that refers to Glory, (His slender, wonder, grandeur)

• The first one reads “the light of the gospel of the glory of Christ, who is the image of God” (v. 4) and the second reads “ In light of the knowledge of the glory of God in the face of Jesus Christ” (v. 6).

• These texts tell us Glory in is found in Jesus Christ or God —

• we might read the text as: “God’s glory is seen in “the face of Jesus Christ.”

• So what is glorious in Jesus? He was the Word that became flesh. Devine, God, Scriptures say, “the glory of the Lord has appeared to all humanity”.

2. What is glory? Praise, splendor, wonder, grandeur given as a result of an achievement

• Glory is not something just given it is earned.

• Glory It is not a gift. It is not free.

• Glory is earned, And it almost always is associated with suffering, pain or death.

• Paul writes, “And after you have suffered for a little while, the God of all grace, who has called you to his eternal glory in Christ, will himself restore, support, strengthen, and establish you” (1 Peter 5:10,)

• We all love glory, but most of us would rather not pay the price. We’d prefer to have the glory without the agony.

3. Glory could be defined as an achievement:

• 23 Psalm tells us “For thine is the Kingdom and the glory forever” because God has done something

• Jesus pain, suffering, and Jesus’ death accomplished something,

• The fountain of blood flowing from Calvary generated rivers of salvation, forgiveness, eternal life, victory over sin, death and the devil. And note that the glory of Jesus was His death.

4. His glory was not his life. Luke 2426Did not the Christ have to suffer these things and then enter his glory?"

• He was a master teacher, he healed diseases, cast out demons, he showed compassion, lame to walk, death to hear, dumb to speak blind to see, and dead raised

• It was his death that achieved Glory Jesus died. And in that death is the glory of Jesus, which, the Bible says, is also the “light of the gospel” (v. 4). The light of the good news is the glory of Christ, that is, his suffering and death.

5. Don’t allow His Glory to be hidden

• The death of Jesus it seems his glory (Death accomplished on Calvary) and meaning — is “hidden” to a lot of people.

• Paul thinks folks in Corinth have lost sight of the glory of Christ and lost sight “of the light of the knowledge” of God in Christ Jesus.

• He describes their inability to see as a veil. Sin veils us from seeing glory 3And even if our gospel is veiled, it is veiled to those who are perishing

• Paul proclaims the god of this world has “blinded the minds of the unbelievers, to keep them from seeing the light of the gospel of the glory of Christ, who is the image of God”

6. We will encounter The glory of our Christ IF : We Will not allow Satan to blind our minds

• We will Let the light shine in darkness times

• We will pay the price by being willing to die Christ invites us to come and die.

• We will encounter The glory if we have plunged into the waters of salvation

• if we have been washed in the blood of the Lamb,

• if we have drank from the fountain Hope of that glorious day

• If we will accept His death that gave Him Glory but will also give us the glory

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