Summary: The Olympic athletes take risks in order to get the gold we to need to take some risks to obtain the gold.

“Go for the Gold” by taking Risks Mark 8:31-38

1. I was watching the Olympics and it was the snow boarders taking the jump and flipping doing what

Announcers called 1040, 1260, ollies, straight air, grabs, Those snow boarders are nuts.

• Lindsey Vonn soars down the Giant Solemn One girl went into the fence. Crazy why would take such risks,

• Then there was those that do what is called triple jump I heard announcer say, “when they come down there is about 500 pounds of pressure put on their knees, sometimes teams do what is

called death spiral, death drop,

• Bobsledders come down a track that looks like a long culvert made of concrete coated with ice

“I call death culvert” and that Bobsleighed looks like some sort coffin. Reach speeds of 80 mph

• The greatest risk takers probably is those curlers and their wild looking uniforms

2. I lay in my bed and watched them athletes do some of those crazy jumps, incredible speeds, a crash

could easily break bones many bones. They take extreme risks. Their nuts

• I laid in my bed relaxed, safe, all cozy in front of my tv. I shook my head Holy Cow what risks they are taking for just a few minutes of fame.

3. Then I thought, “ Who is really taking the risk those athletes or me the bed lounger or couch

potato athlete

• While we watch the extreme athletes blood pressure rises, cholesterol piles up in arteries,

stress increases, lungs barely expanded, and muscle tone goes limpy.

• Now that crazy athlete." While apparently risking life and limb, the extreme athlete keeps his or her body fit, stress levels are lowered, lungs are expanded and there is that euphoric feeling

intense feelings of well-being, elation, happiness, excitement and joy. I feel good.

• After I think about it hurling through the air, flying down on that bobsled, diving into the half pipe, or figure skating may be a lot less risky than sitting there in a chair or laying in a bed!

4. Peter is like those Olympians he takes some extreme Risks.

• He believed Jesus was truly God in flesh. Jesus asked, "Peter who do you say I am.? "Peter responded,

" thou art the Christ the Son of the living God."

• Peter is just like some of those athletes Nathan Chen, Bradie Tennell, who fell in ice skating at the worst possible times. Peter fell we do to Jesus had said, " He would suffer, be rejected, be killed, and third day rise." Peter, said, "oh no Lord that is not the way and Jesus rebukes him, get

behind me Satan. Peter is saying don’t go Jesus, and Jesus is saying if I don’t they will perish

5. Jesus says “I must” take the Risk It’s an Olympic Move to obtain the gold

• I must suffer many things, I must be rejected, I must be killed and I must Arise in three days.

• Jesus also tells us, WE Must "We must deny self, We must take up the cross, WE must follow Jesus

• Jesus took the risk of bearing the suffering of the world

• He took the risk to endure the scorn and rejection

• He took the risk to accept the judgement of death so “I could achieve the Gold” without risk

6. In Conclusion, “the greatest risk” maybe when we “play it safe” and avoid risk taking ventures—

• Vs 35. "Those who want to save their life will lose it, and those who lose their life, will save it."

• Go For the Gold take a risk sponsor a child back pack ministry, Join the Choir, attend the Bible Studies offered,

• Take a Risk join the church, Be baptized, Take a Risk today and say, “I have decided to follow Jesus”

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