Summary: How the spirit leads me through environmental conditions just the way I am. Look for Jesus in this sermon and you’ll find him

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Mark 2: 17

I’ve got to be happy when I go on the ovine drupes and my guards are up because I’m calling on Jesus to give me words to say. That’s what it’s all about! Cud! Let it out on the first time and drop a dime anoints the bite. What I mean is, don’t complaint when you get a desire to go side by side on a cruise with the gang. How you know God didn’t put you there? I don’t know, and you don’t know; Jesus kept going into Capernaum but he let days pass. You don’t want to wear out your welcome because you and I don’t know who’s expecting us. Cursed is the man that trusts in the arms of flesh; Satan hides behind every tinted window out here. And the people you least expect are yielding to him but they gone try to hide it.

If you can bring a devil out in the opening, that’s evidences that you got something because Satan wants everybody to like us. Beware! When men speak well of you for so did they to the false prophets. So what do those words tell you about those who wait for you to come around? It might not be everyday you come around or you’re able to do this. There is a set time that God modify all that we are because of Jesus. It doesn’t seem like much to us at the time that’s because the lord is great at hiding. “Can you watch with me an hour” those were the words of Jesus but know body answered him. People are not listening; we are not listening to know body but Jesus when the devil comes around let’s take time on the watch.

There’s a party already on one end of the corner; I believe if we stick together we can circle around to hear what Jesus has to say. I know you’ll been gathering around to hear what each other has to say and sometime I’m with you. Do me a favor! and listen to what Jesus has to say. Our first impression is to manipulate those who have what it takes to bring the sick to Jesus. They are out there! Tied to family because that’s the closes love they have to God; there’s nothing like a family that sticks together and if you know they got poison venom why you gone play with them let them keep bringing the sick to Jesus. And if you have the goods of this world bless them because some families want tell you out their mouth that they have a need.

That’s what you call keeping a fresh roll of toilet paper on deck because you don’t know if the venom got a smell to it. God wants us to be different; he don’t want us acting like everybody else because they gone turn on yaw but we gone try to pick you up. It depends on how much hope you have to get close to Jesus. You think somebody that good is that easy to get close to just like that just because he did you a favor and scratched your leg. We got to be like a family bringing our love ones to Jesus. You know the party in the block anent a good time that’s what it’s concerning. Do we have that kind of faith were we enjoy seeing people have a good time without the devil breaking it up.

And if he does come around will you have enough faith to stick with the party; there’s nothing wrong with having a good time and know what’s playing on the other side. You better make sure you got on the whole amour of God just in case Pearl Harbor pulls out a measurement. Thank God, there are some people around us you can reason with. You and I can learn how to reason with the family maybe we can get a meal out of their faith so if they do give to God; he’ll give them more. We got to keep faith up so Jesus can see it; you gone care about what others say about you? They gone try to find places to work in, quit being so careful about what goes in your heart when Jesus is there.

There is nothing to worry about; he’s behind what I said and just because we move farther away from him; he’s not going to move because we move when he moved the first time broken pieces fitted back together again. I don’t like when close friends of mine turn on me when the crowd comes around. I want to be standing by Jesus when you’ll bring the sick to him. Saints! We got to do what we got to do - to do this; everybody got a job to do. If I was the boss I couldn’t count on all you’ll to work faithfully but you going to say I will. Whatever I know you’re thinking I’m not going to be afraid to ask you. I know somebody that knows what you’re thinking about although you might not believe what I know.

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