Summary: The sermon tells us that God disrupte our normal lifes and changes our life to an extrodinary life.

“God Disrupts” Acts 10:44-48

1. Personal Disruptions

• Life was going great and then all of a sudden God disrupts my life the call to preach explain how I played ball loved it but played on Sundays missed church then God said, “ Need to be in church”

• God disrupted my ability to make extra money overtime. Dave and I could have gotten extra time made and extra hour in overtime. They were having revival and me and Dave wanted to go so we decide instead of getting the extra Hour by going and taking a break we would skip break and work through it.

2. God disrupts our Beliefs

• Early Christians believed they were the only ones worthy of the Love of God

• The early Christians in Jerusalem thought they should never associate with uncircumcised, unclean people like the Gentiles of the Greek and Roman world

3. God disrupts Peters Ideology about Gentiles, foreigners, Heathen, undeserving

• Cornelius a gentile had a amazing vision he was told to send for the apostle Peter.

• Peter also had a dream or vision the apostle Peter had a dream in which foods deemed "unclean" in Judaism came floating down from heaven, and a voice told Peter to eat.

• But Peter, being the good Jewish lad that he was, could not eat unclean food, even in a dream.

• Then a voice said to him in the dream, "What God has made clean, you must not call profane." God basically said Peter you need to change your ideology about who God excepts and God don't

• God has an open mind open heart and open door

4. God Disrupts How Peter felt about Gentiles and the Jewish Law

• God tells Peter "you should not call anyone profane or unclean" (v. 28). God is saying " No one should be excluded," all people are worthy of salvation

• God disrupted Peter s life before when he heard the cock crow He probably thought “here we go again”.

• The spirit fell, Peter preached the good news about Jesus to Cornelius and his friends and relatives, and Acts tells us that while Peter was speaking, "the Holy Spirit fell upon all who heard the word" (v. 44).

5. God will absolutely disrupt your life Let Him It will be for the best

• This interruption caused Peter’s character to be "changed all at once."

• He went from hiding in fear to ministering and having 3,000 people get saved at the church’s first altar call.

• Regardless of all Peter’s mistakes and shortcomings, God allowed Peter not only to give the first altar call, but also to give the second altar call (Acts 4:4) where 5,000 more believed!

• Jesus’s body given and His blood shed began a disruption of the world. He wants to disrupt our life and give us eternal life. Let Him! Amen

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