Summary: But the end of chapter 40 has these haunting words…Yet the chief butler did not remember Joseph, but forgot him. But God does not forget.

Here was Joseph down in the prison, and his only hope of escaping those prison walls, was that the chief butler would mention him to Pharaoh.

But the end of chapter 40 has these haunting words…Yet the chief butler did not remember Joseph, but forgot him.

Verse 1-8

But then something happened that triggered his memory…The Pharaoh had a dream!

Verse 9-13

Verse 14-Joseph as been mistreated by Potiphar and his wife, accused of doing something he did not do, but notice his integrity.

He could have been belligerent, confrontational and said, “I’ve been thrown down here for no reason, the chief butler has forgotten about me for two years, I ain’t shaving, I ain’t changing clothes, he can take me like I am!”

But he doesn’t do that, he takes this opportunity to bring glory to God and the first step that he does, is to make himself presentable to stand before Pharaoh.

When you are trying to be a witness for the Lord, how do you make yourself presentable to people?

Here are some ways…A smile, a good attitude, a pleasing personality, a self confidence, not being a complainer, not being a bicker, not being easily angered.

Verse 16-Joseph is giving God the credit for his ability to interpret dreams!

Verse 17-24

Verse 25-Joseph is letting Pharaoh know, that God has a plan and either you can submit to it or succumb to it!

Verse 26-36

Genesis 37:5-7

Genesis 37:9

Verse 32-Joseph knew something was special, when God gave you two dreams at the same time, he was still waiting on God to fulfill the dream he had when he was a young boy.

But he had never given up on it being fulfilled!

Maybe there is something you have been praying for, something that God has not answered yet, have you given up on it?

Joseph waited 13 years for God to fulfill his dreams, how long are willing to wait for God to answer your prayers?

Verse 37-38-Now Joseph has got Pharaoh talking about God, that’s pretty amazing because the Egyptians believe that a Pharaoh was a god!

Verse 39-45

Verse 46-49

Verse 50-52-What are you more focused on? Your problems or your blessings!

Has ever dawned on you, that if you are faithful to God, that no matter where God puts you, that He can make you fruitful!!

Verse 53-57

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