Summary: This sermon is intended for "pew sitters" who are discontent with their lifestyle and who are complacent in their service to Christ, who is the head of the church!

Sermon Prepared For: The Mount Zion Missionary Baptist Church in Vidalia, Georgia on July 7, 2007. Preached on July 8, 2007


Heavenly Father, God above. I thank You for Your agape love. Lord I present myself right now as a humble servant and your child, being obedient to Your will for my life and the ministry You have given me.

Father, God, as I deliver Your message to the people you have sent here today, let them not only be hearers of Your divine Word, God give them the desire to do Your Will. For this, dear Lord, I will forever give You the highest praise and honor and glory. Protect me and my family from the fiery darts that the enemy shoots our way. Shield us with faith and the helmet of salvation and Your entire armor Lord, most of all God, continue to watch our backs as we move forward in Your presence.

Lord I stand here in intercessory prayer for my church family and all of their people. You know about each of our needs and I declare right now in the Name of Your Son Jesus that we have victory over sin. We may not get our prayers answered when we think they should be, but Lord, we know that You are an on time God, so I say thank You Lord for answered prayer.

I love you Lord, because you created me just as I am under no false pretenses, not puffed up, proud or conceited. Yet confident in Your promises and bold enough to preach Your Word where ever You send me, not ashamed of the gospel of Jesus Christ!

I have prayed this prayer with an open mind to serve You. In Jesus Name. AMEN! And so it is.


I am Carolyn, a daughter of the Most High King in Heaven above. I am called as an evangelist....That is not a title, for I am not "hung up" on titles, but being an evangelist is my understanding of the gift within the five-fold ministry that God has given me. I am apt to teach and to prophesy. I have the administrative works of an apostle, but my anointing is as an evangelist, not as a pastor! So I never have to worry about a church voting me out, for as I preach I deliver the Word as it has been given to me, and I can shake the dust off of my feet and go on to the next assignment.

It is indeed a challenge, yet a privilege to come before my church family this day to deliver God’s Word. It gives me joy to know that our pastor, Rev. H.W. Miller does not see me as a "woman in the pulpit", but accepts me as his sister-in-Christ, one of the brethren and a fellow yoke carrier. For our burden is not easy, but through Christ we can do all things who gives us strength. And I thank God for our Deacon Board who God used to suggest that I deliver the message this day. It takes strong Christian men of faith to make decisions that might not conform to the status quo of society and I want to acknowledge their commitment to serve God as the head of their lives.

To all of you, my brothers and sisters, it is good to see you in the presence of the Lord. We all could have been on our cooling boards this morning, but by God’s grace and His Mercy, He has brought us this far by faith, leaning on Him as we hold on to God’s unchanging hands.

There is a special Word from the Lord for you today and it has been divinely given to me for this church. I pray that all will receive the message with clarity and deep understanding, but I realize that some might hate it....the bottom line is that, like when the mailman delivers a bill to your mailbox, you usually hate getting it because you don’t want to pay the price- even though you created the debt! But, eventually, you have to pay the cost or else you will have a judgement placed against you and a higher debt to pay.

Isn’t that like God? Always giving us choices to accept or reject His Word through the messengers He sends you?

My intention is not to hold you long...I usually don’t hoop and shout...but I will allow the Holy Spirit to use me. I have no heaven nor hell to put you in, therefore I’ m not here to judge anyone! We have all sinned and have fallen short of the glory of God at some point in our lives, so God will be the judge of our eternal destiny...and that is a promise from God! Amen .

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