Summary: Life can get tough at times but what ever you going through God is able to see you through.

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Is God able?

As we go through life living it out day by day we ultimately will face many troubles, hardships, trials and tribulations. As we pass through troubled times, we will inevitably come face to face with a real question. A question, we sooner or later must all ask ourselves. It’s a question that only has three words. Individually these words have no real significance in and of themselves, but when put together, they leave some with a sense of hope; for others it leaves them with a sense of helplessness. I am sure everyone in this room has pondered this question one time in their life.

The question is “Is God able?”


Picture it…Moses is standing before this burning bush having a conversation with the most Holy God. And God tells Moses to go to pharaoh and tell him to free the Israelites. Now this is a big undertaking. Go to pharaoh and tell him to free the Israelites. Yeah right. I believe that if there was ever a time when Moses asked himself this question if God is able it was right now. Actually I would say that Moses probably asked himself this question on many occasions.

The Israelites

Can you picture it; he is standing before the red sea. The Egyptians are on their way to slaughter them, they are scared to death, thinking that it was probably best to not have left. Now if there was every a time in these Israelites minds that they would ask themselves this most powerful question. If there was ever a time that each person would wonder


Fourteen years ago, Sandy met her husband, Mitch. The marriage at first was a happy marriage. Like every marriage they enjoyed being together all the time. But as time went bye she watched their happy marriage crumble as Mitch succumbed to alcoholism. Mitch became verbally and physically abusive to Sandy and their daughter, Jacqueline. After years of abuse, he would finally leave without a trace. Even though it was healthier to have an abuser out of their lives, his absence also brought its own problems. When Mitch left, he cleared the family’s bank account. “They didn’t have money for food, rent, or anything,”

And that’s when everything started to fall apart for Sandy and Jacqueline. Their dog, “Puppy,” died and Sandy’s mother got sick and nearly died, too. Their challenges continued to mount. Sandy even had her laundry stolen and Jacqueline did not have any clothes to wear to school the next morning. “She felt like she was in hell,”

Now if there was any time in Sandy’s life that she would ask herself this question it was at this moment in time.

Young Boy

I can remember a story of a young boy sitting with his friend outside the doors of a catholic church. They were recovering from a night of hard partying. There were drugs and alcohol involved and they knew the life they were living was going to lead them nowhere. They both said a prayer asking God for His help. He knew he needed to change but didn’t have the strength. The young boy to this day can remember wondering this same question.

“Is God Able?”

It is interesting to note that the apostle Paul knew the answer to this question when he wrote.

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