Summary: How godly are we?

Before reading, let us note the 4 major characters in the story of Ruth 2

Naomi – a Jewish widow who lived in Moab but returned to Judah (Israel)

Ruth – a Moabite widow who decided to stay with Naomi and become a Hebrew

Boaz – a prominent Hebrew in Judah related to Naomi’s husband

Did I mention 4 major characters? Who am I missing??

God! – sees everything and can do anything He wants

Open your Bibles to Ruth 2 and read along with me starting with v22 of Chapter 1..

Let’s summarize the story: Ruth 1:22 – widowed Naomi and Ruth left Moab to Bethlehem, Judah (Southern Israel)

v2: Ruth desired to work and got permission from Naomi

What does this tell us about Ruth?? Ruth desired to work and thought of a way to get food! Ruth was wise, not lazy and was respectful!

And what happened in v3? Whose field did Ruth end up picking up grain?? Boaz’

Did Ruth know whose field it was?? – Ruth didn’t really care whose field it was; she just wanted food without stealing!

How do you think Ruth ended up in Boaz’ field?? – God led Ruth!

And look again at the beginning of v4, we can easily miss it!!! Just then!! Not a day or a week or a month later! Boaz showed up at the right time, the right place, and noticed the right woman!! All coincidence? I don’t think so! God led Ruth and God led Boaz!

And what does the end of v4 tell us?? Their conversation started with God in mind! Boaz, his workers, and Ruth were godly people!

v3-5: God orchestrated the meeting of godly Boaz and Ruth without them even knowing it!

And what did Boaz find out about Ruth from v6-7??

- a non-Jew but came to the land of the Jews with Boaz’ relative

- polite and thoughtful of others (Ruth got permission but did not interfere with anyone!)

- her hard work was evident

v8-9: Boaz guided and helped Ruth!

Why did Boaz give favor to Ruth? We note in v10-11: Boaz learned of Ruth’s commitment to Naomi and God!

What do you think Boaz was thinking when he talked to Ruth in v12 and took action in v13-16??

v12-16: Boaz affirmed God at work in Ruth’s life and he is now a part of it!

And what do we note from Naomi in v17-23? Naomi affirmed God at work in Ruth’s life!

The Biblical Principle for us from this story is simple isn’t it?

God will lead godly people!

Now, of course, God will do whatever He wants to do, this is what makes Him God! It sounds so simple but I think this is crucial and a very important truth for us to grasp! Do we really believe in God who can do whatever He wants? God created everything and He created each one of us! God is Almighty Creator and we are the created! How do we really see God? How can one be godly if they really don’t believe in this One True God?

Boaz and Ruth lived with God the Almighty Creator in mind!

God will lead godly people and being godly starts with believing and living that we are created by God. Godly people will always keep God in mind! Before you try and have a deep conversation with someone about God, you will not go very far if you don’t both accept that all people were created by One Almighty God!

Our conversations should always start by affirming the Almighty God who created all of us!

What else can we note from Ruth, Boaz, and Naomi about being godly?

Being godly does not mean we are to be lazy, not use our minds, and only think about God not people!

Let us work hard using our brains but be respectful and thoughtful of other people!

We must be careful of being so heaven focused that we become no earthly good! We are to set our minds on things above but do not forget that God, who can do anything, is till keeping us on earth for a reason!

Godly people sees what God is doing and participate in it!

Seek affirmation of what God is doing in your life!

And in return, If you observe God working on someone’s life, affirm it to them!

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