Summary: God introduces Himself to Moses as the God of Grandpas and Grandmas, moms and dads and children.

Baptism Sermon

Scripture reading: Exodus 3:1-10

I wonder if the children noticed who was present in front of the pulpit today? For if we look carefully we would have noticed that in each case we saw three generations. Ws saw a Grandmother, a daughter and a grandchild. This is quite significant for today’s message. For in Exodus 3 we notice God announcing Himself to Moses as the God of a grandpa, a son and a grandson.

Now Moses must have had quite a fright in the desert. The desert is a place of silence, rest and peace. A silence which you only know once you have been there yourself. Probably the only sounds that Moses heard were the bleating of his sheep. Then suddenly he becomes aware of a burning bush. Now in itself it was not such a strange phenomenon. For in the desert lightning or even a dewdrop could cause a fire to start. But this bush does not stop burning! And then suddenly from this bush a voice speaks! Don’t come near, take of your shoes this is holy ground. And then God introduces Himself to Moses. And this introduction is an astonishing one. Which God is speaking to Moses? How does He introduce Himself?

For surely this God could have introduced Himself as the Almighty creator of heaven and earth. He could have said, Moses I am the God who made every single thing you see around you by just speaking a word! All those stars you gaze at, at night, all the wonders in nature which you daily observe, all the rhythm of nature, summer, winter etc. all these things. I am the one who made it all!! It is all the work of my hands!!

But no, this is not the way God announces Himself to Moses. What does He say? “I am the God of your father, of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob!” . . . . . . Our God is the God of people! He is the God of human beings, of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. The God of people, the crown of His creation.

For five days long God created this universe in all its glory! Why? To make a home, a living place, a dwelling, yes a safe nest for you and me which He made on the sixth day. And then in the fullness of time, when He decided to save this world from sin, He sent His own Son. He did not send a heavenly vision, nor an animal or an angel, no He sent His Son, born from a woman. This is how God reveals Himself to us, as a human being.

It was as a human that Jesus suffered His pain and anguish. And when Jesus tells us in Joh 3:16 “that God so loved the world that He gave His one and only Son that whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life.” He is not speaking of trees and animals, but of us, human beings.

Our God, the God of this baptism font is the God of people! Our God is ‘user friendly’, a people friendly God.

But we all know that many things happen to us which makes us think differently about God. Yes there is a God, but He is out there somewhere. He is the God of History. Involved in the great issues of the cosmos. Somewhere out there far away. Far removed and far above the common hustle and bustle of everyday life! Is He really interested in my life? Is He interested in the individual? Does He have an interest in all my problems and worries?

What does verse 7 tell us? Verse 7 tells us God is intensely interested in your life! He tells Moses, “Moses there were my people are suffering in Egypt, there I saw their pain, their anguish and suffering. Furthermore, I did not just see it, no I am concerned about their suffering.” In the Afrikaans language it reads: “I took there sufferings to heart!!” Yes, God is interested in your life! He has a heart that beats warmly for us human beings. He takes to heart your sufferings, your addictions, your pain and anguish. The droughts in your life, your accidents, your sickness, your daily battle to keep head above water all your worries about the future!!

God is interested in your life!

Our God is not only interested in people’s lives, He is also interested in small peoples lives. Interested in children’s lives. We read in the Bible that the disciples want to prevent the little children from gathering around Jesus. Stay away, He is busy with matters of grave importance! But the answer we get from Jesus? “Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, . . .” Our God is the God of people and of little people.

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