Summary: Allow God to bring you out of your situation, no matter how big or small it may seem that it is.



Hebrews 13: 5

- many times we as Christians think that God is so far away when he is the closest he has ever been.

*Job 1:6–12

Job 1:10 says “ hast not thou made a hedge about him and about his house and ab out all that he hath on every side? Thou hast blessed the work of his hands and his substance is increased in the land.”

- this is satan talking to God

- earlier in the scripture God ask satan “ have you considered my servant Job.”

-satan has no more power on us as we allow him to have on us.

– every time we speak bad things the devil runs up to God and says “did you here what so and so said”, and that ties Gods hands.

– don’t expect God to deliver you or heal you from something if you keep speaking negative things about it, The bible says that he gives us the power to speak life and death into any start speaking life to your situation, and death to satan.

– we all know the story of Job and how his wife told him why don t you just curse God and die, and Job calls her a foolish women and told her “thou he slay me yet will I trust him.” Can you imagine if we all had that Job kinda thinking that no matter what satan throws at use that we will always trust in out lord. But we wants to curse God and say things like God is not real. But you know that he is real.

– we see how God saw Jobs faith and determination and thats one thing that God loves to see.

– when you have done all that you know how to do just stand and let God move.

* God tells us in the bible that he will not put no more on use then what we can handle.

- God loves us and he only wants us to love him back.

– the only reason God created man was so that we can praise his almighty name. God inhabits the praises of his people.

– now I don’t know what you are going through but I know one who does.

-You may have finatual needs, just stand and let God move.

-you may have lost loved ones, just stand and let God move.

-you may need a Job, just stand

no matter what you need you have to:

1. Pray

2. When you pray believe, call that miracle which is not as though it is, that is called faith another word for faith is trust.

* you have faith that if you parents as we are children tell you to do something then you will do it because you trust them.

3. We have to stand now when you stand you must still show faith and pray and seek his face, for when you do this God will see that you are serious.

– The bible says that if we had the faith just as a grain of mustard seed....then you can say unto this mountain be thou caast into the sea.

– So remember when it seems like God is so far away he is the closest he has ever been.

Now there were times im sure when Job questioned God... and let me just say that it is not a sin to question God, that shows God faith, so many times preachers say that its not faith when yes it is because that shows God that even thought it has not come to past that you know it will come to past, it shows God that your serious.

– When satan comes to you and says something like.. “ why do you serve God when it seems like he is so far away,” you need to SHOUT and PRAISE the Lord God almighty... because that is your conformation that God is so close to you and it makes satan want to tell you those thinks because it makes him scared.

– when your going through a trial just remember that the word says that he will never leave you nore forsake you.

- The word also says that he is a friend that sticks closer then a brother.

– we need to stop acting like satan is going to kill us or hurt us when I have done told you that he has no more power then that of what you give him... as I said once before satan is scared of you because he knows who you are in Christ’s kingdom and he knows that you are a kings kid.

–No weapon formed against you shall prosper...that means that no matter what satan throws at you, you can defeat the enemy and take back what he has stolen from you 7 times greater.

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