Summary: Through a series of questions God gets Job to understand that he does not need to understand - Job needs to trust God. Job realises just how insignificant he really is.

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Job 38:1-42:17

“God’s Answer! – I Know It All”

We were at a party last week. There was a whole group of us sitting around a fire and I ended up next to a 4 year old boy.

Do you think the fire looks like a volcano?

Yes, sort of. But volcanoes are much hotter.

Does the smoke make clouds?

No clouds are made from water.

What if we put water onto the fire. Then it will make clouds.

No, then you will just put the fire out.

How much water would it take to put the fire out.

Do you see that bucket there. You would need 20 of those.

And on and on it went. Question after question after question. When it is a four year old it can become somewhat tedious.

But here is the thing about questions.

They usually force you to engage your mind in some way. And if they are asked the right way they also cause you to reflect on your actions.

Did you cheat on your wife?


Why did you cheat on your wife?

Now you need to reflect don’t you.

Do you have a job?


Why aren’t you getting out there and doing all you can to find one?

Again that is a question that requires reflection isn’t it.

That is what good questions do. They make you stop and really think about motives ... and attitudes ... and responses ... and emotions ... and processes ... and actions.

Which is exactly what Job needs.

Job needs to be forced to think about his motives, attitudes, responses, emotions, processes and actions. And the Lord forces Job to do that by asking Job a series of questions.

Let me give you an outline of how it all works.

Job 38:1-3


When God tells you to brace yourself like a man you don’t start thinking, “Mmm God and I are going on a picnic”.

This is not Millionaire Hotseat.

This is an inquisition.

The spot-light is shining right on Job.

And God wants some serious answers.


Topic:- The Foundations of the Earth.

Number of Questions:- 10

Example Questions:- 38:4,12,17

Work through these – give obvious answers to verses 4, 17.


Topic:- The Functions of the Earth.

Number of Questions:- 22

Example Questions:- 38:22,32,37

Work through these – give obvious answers to verses 22, 32, 37.


Topic:- The Fauna of the Earth.

Number of Questions:- 19

Example Questions:- 38:39, 39:9, 27

Work through these – give obvious answers to verses 38:39, 39:9, 27.

51 questions so far. God has been pointing around at His creation – like a massive slide show.

Have a look at My creation.

Have a look at My control.

Have a look at My creatures.

The Lord points at this aspect. Then He points at that feature. Then He points at Job.

Job 40:1-2


Come on, have a go.

Let’s see what you have got Job.

Story - Flying by the seat of your pants.

Years ago we used to live in Darwin. When we were there my Dad worked on getting his pilot’s license – as a result we got to know people at the aeroclub really well. One day one of the other pilots, who thankfully was very experienced, took Dad and I and another man for a ride in a 4-seater plane. I don’t remember if we were specifically going anywhere as I was only 11. I do remember the storm we ended up flying in and around. When you are in a small plane, surrounded by a tropical storm, you know you are flying. That was the day I understood what the phrase, “Flying by the seat of your pants” really meant. You just try and control your little world – which in this case was the plane – knowing that everything around you is completely beyond your control.

As Job hears these questions he begins to realise that he was flying by the seat of his pants. “What have you got Job?” asks God.

This is what Job says,

Job 40:4-5.


I’ve got nothing. All I have been doing is flying by the seat of my pants.

All I have said has been unworthy in Your sight.

Job is coming to His senses at last. But he still hasn’t gotten far enough. Round 1 is over, but there is more to come.

Job 40:6-7


It’s now round 2. The questions keep coming. And the topics are a little more specific.


Topic:- Can You Organise the World?

Number of Questions:- 3

Example Questions:- 40:9-10

If you are so convinced that you are right go ahead and do My job. That is the invitation which God gives to Job. Which might sound like a tempting invitation. A pastor who lived during WW2 was tempted. He was making his weary way home after spending the whole day comforting people during a wartime blitz on London. On that evening he met a fellow pastor and they began talking about the current events and the hurt it was causing. In exasperation and bewilderment the first pastor said,

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