Summary: Yes God does still discipline us. This sermon talks about the reason and the result of God’s discipline

Hebrews 12:7-13

God’s Discipline


1. This is one of those subjects none of us like.

2. Even the nerds who would tell you they like school, would say they don’t like discipline.

3. When is the last time you heard someone say, oh that discipline I just received felt so good

4. However we all can agree on the fact that it is good for us.

5. Today I would like to talk about God’s Discipline, specifically

a. The Reason for Discipline

b. And The Result of Discipline

I. 7-9 The Reason of Discipline

A. Explanation

1. To think that we could be treated like God’s son.

2. After all, all fathers discipline their sons.

3. To fully understand this passage as it was meant for the original reader is to understand the concept of PARTIA POTESTAS – The Fathers Complete Power

4. The author hear relates the discipline that our earthly father gives and tells us how much better it is from God

5. And Live…I read that. And read that and read that…. I study those two words closely and the idea of to live freely or to live with great enjoyment. This is kind of like what we try to get our kids to do and reward them with more freedom

B. Application

1. Hardships are going to happen they will happen all the time

2. Endure them as discipline

3. We all know in the back of our heads that discipline is a good thing

4. Look God is not doing this for his personal pleasure, God is doing it for our good that we might share in his holiness

C. Illustration

When I think about this idea of discipline I think of Drill Sergeant Thurner. I meant Mrs. Thurner

II. 10-12 The Result of Discipline

A. Explanation

1. Our Father’s do there best to discipline us in the right manner, however our fathers are human, they make mistakes

2. Here this, (Read vs 10)

3. None of us like discipline

4. Look at vs 11. I don’t know about you but I want to be a man who produces a harvest of righteousness and peace

B. Application

1. If we would just allow the discipline of the Lord in our lives imagine where we would end up

2. Imagine what We could accomplish.

3. There is more on the earth that we could enjoy if we would just accept the discipline of God and let him do his work at mold us and making us into what he desires!

4. God disciplines us for our good that we may share in his holiness!

5. What a blessed thought!

6. I don’t know about you But I want God’s Holiness!

C. Illustration

Cross-country – The discipline that was tough and the incredible results I felt we had


We have a couple of options on how to accept God’s Discipline

1. We can accept it as a surrendering – wave the white flag

2. We can accept it as a way to get it over with – Ok let get on with it

3. WE can accept it with self pity – Oh look at me suffering for the Lord again

4. We can accept it as punishment – I have been bad therefore I am grounded

5. We can accept it as discipline coming from a loving father who wants the best for us.

God wants us to share in his Holiness

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