Summary: In housing plans we talk about family units, in churches we no longer want to add people we want to add family units. God has a plan and purpose for His family unit

1 John 3:1-10

God’s Family Unit


A. We love to Talk about the family Units. That is a big word in politics, real estate and so on

B. The Lighthouse is building 6 family units of housing this summer (in August if you can clear your schedules)

C. The Question is what does a Family consist of today

D. We often here that the divorce rate is 50% (now I am hearing 60%)

E. Inside the a family unit there should be Love, Sacrifice, and Guidance

F. That is the way God set it up

G. God gave us the perfect example

H. The Father Loves Us

I. The Son Died For Us

J. And The Holy Spirit Guides US

I. God, the Father, Love us (1-3)

A. Explanation

1. One of the things that are missing in our translation is John begins the sentence with a command, “see”,

a) John wants you to observe the different manifestations of the Father’s love

2. It does not say the Father loves us. Wait a minute what are you talking about Pastor Dan

a) What it does say is great is the love the father has lavished on us.

(1) Lavished is a fun word. It means that He gave far more then he needed. He loved us far more then was required

(2) Mary when she used the perfume on Jesus’ feet. That was lavished.

(3) A more modern example of lavishing is our veterans. They went beyond there call of duty and served our country proudly

3. He lavished us so much that we should be called children on God. That, my friends, is a great privilege. A special privilege, an honor. Most importantly that is what we are

4. We look funny to the world. However, we should consider that a compliment. That means they see something in us that they do not have. That difference is obviously God.

a) By rejecting us, however, the world confirms our relationship with God the Father.

5. Look as Vs 2. This is exiting stuff. This should make give you goose bumps from your head to your tow. This is amazing stuff (Read Vs 2)

a) We will be with God, we will be in his likeness, and we shall see Him as He is. Hallelujah. I can not say anymore then Hallelujah

6. Vs 3, Hope. Hope is important. Without Hope were would we be Let me show you a quick video clip on hope.

7. John does something interesting is vs. 3. Everyone will purify himself. It does not say that “he may purify himself, or ought to purify himself he says that he will purity himself.

B. Application

1. Now comes the point when we try to put all this knowledge together and figure out what it means to our lives

2. God Loves Us. Seems so basic.

3. Take a look how much He love you. Think about the Love that God has shown you. You better be saying “Thank you God”

4. Because of His love we will get to be with him. We will be in His likeness.

5. That makes everything that is happening here on Earth seem a lot smaller

6. All the ruff times that we go through will not matter; we will be spending eternity with God.

7. Our Hope for a better life is in God. Our hope carries us through.

C. Illustration

1. (Need to think of someone who has every reason to have no hope. But because God lavished His love. ______ Has hope)

II. God, the Son, died for us (4-8)

A. Explanation

1. Notice it mentions both sin and lawlessness. Both could be translated sin. John wanted just to make sure that you knew he was talking about sin

2. John does something nice for us in vs. 4. He tells us what sin means. Sin is not following God’s law.

3. A definition of sin “Sin is deliberate rejection of God’s standards and a resort to ones own desires.”

4. This is where Jesus comes in. Vs 5 the author tells us what Jesus did

5. The last little sentence in 5 is interesting. It does not say in him there was no sin or will be no sin. It says there is no sin. That is present tense. Christ has been without sin, is without sin, and will always be without sin!

6. Vs 6. This two sentence verse presents a contrast

a) First one = Believer

b) 2nd one = unbeliever

7. Sin in John is not something to be joked around about, sin is a serious issue.

8. John tells us you can tell a true believer by weather they are living in sin or not

9. Vs. 7-8 hit right into the heart of what John is trying to say

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