Summary: Makes a comparison on how our judicial systems works compared to Gods

1 John 2:1-2

God’s Judicial System

I. Introduction

A. WE should be really proud to live in America

B. Think about how a judicial system works

1. We first have to be charged of a crime

2. We then have a trial, that we are innocent until proven guilty

3. There is always as advocate, or lawyer, on your side

4. We are then judged by a unbiased group

5. Then the punishment is handed down

C. God has a judicial system too.

D. While there are some similarities, there are some major difference

E. Lets see how God handles these matters

II. The Case (1)

A. Explanation

1. First there is has to be a case against us.

2. When John was writing this, he was not exactly a spring chicken.

a) He was probably one of the last reaming person to be alive when Christ walked the earth

3. With that concept in mind we are better able to look at verse 1.

4. John did not want to be like an grouchy old man and say “you evil youngens”

5. Notice how it says my dear children, in the Greek that expression caries a special affection.

6. He is writing them out of love.

7. John does realize that all will sin, but what he is trying to accomplish is to establish the seriousness of sin

B. Application

1. So what does that mean to us today.

2. First of all John’s love for the younger generation, should be the same as ours

3. Sin is still sin.

4. We are guilty of sin

5. Due to sin we are guilty, we deserve to go to hell

C. Illustration

1. I remember watching LA Law when I was younger. I remember many shows were they could not go to trail until there was more evidence to support the prosecutions case. The investigating officer knew that the person was guilty and would often get upset that nothing could be done. So they would go and look for more clues

2. Guess what? That is not the case with our sins

3. We are guilty of them, look at our lives

4. There is plenty of evidence of sin in our lives

III. The Trial (1b)

A. Explanation

1. With that much evidence stacked up against us, it is time to trial.

2. Vs 1b

3. The actual Greek work for the person who speaks to the father is Parakletos.

4. Parakletos is found twice within John’s writings.

a) The other time is the Gospel of John 14:16 it is translated as comforter

b) Here it is translated to as a lawyer

5. I know lawyers have a bad reputation but lets put those tow thoughts together

6. Christ is not just a cold-hearted lawyer he is a comforter. Imagine what that combination looks like to you

7. This word has so much meaning that in a lot of languages, Egyptian, Arabic and Ethiopic have kept the word parakletos has it stands.

8. There was not a word that could covey the same meaning, and they could not think of a word that could convey that meaning

9. There is not word in the English language that we can use

10. By the way turn to Rom 8:31, who is our prosecutor?

B. Application

1. How does this apply to our lives?

2. It gives us an understanding of what Jesus does for us.

3. The problem with lawyers is that they seem really cold hearted.

a) It often appears like they are pleading you case just for the money

b) There rarely are lawyer client relationship

4. Comforters are usually done by a pastor, counselor, or friend

5. While it is nice to have a comforter in times of struggle, you do not want them to be your lawyer

6. Jesus is both. He comforts you while pleading for your life.

7. What a special person.

C. Illustration

1. Imagine if you went into a trial and you could have a lawyer that has never lost a case. Imagine if this lawyer was willing to do it for free. Imagine if this lawyer not only pleaded for your case but comforted you too. That is not Johnny Cockren. That is Jesus!

IV. The Verdict (2)

A. Explanations

1. The trial is now done that means it is time for the dreaded verdict

2. Vs 2

3. He is the atoning sacrifice for our sins. What does that mean.

4. The Greek word is hilamos lets try and figure out what that means

5. The aim of all religion is fellowship with God, to know him as friend and to enter with joy and not fear into his presence.

6. It is logical to then assume that the problem that prevents fellowship with God is sin

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