Summary: Christmas is a stressful time. There is just so much to do and to get done. However, why not take a moment to enjoy Christ peace, after all that is what Christmas is really about anyways

Isaiah 9:6-7

God is Peace!


A. Can I ask an honest question? How many of you are feeling STRESSED or have felt STRESSED in the last week!

B. Even I Mr. Non stressed Have felt stressed.

C. Christmas is the busiest time of the year

D. You have to buy this gift here, go to this party there, write 4932 Christmas Cards, plus do every thing that you normally do.

E. You know what we often forget, The same person who’s Birthday is the reason for the season is the same Person that is the God of Peace.

F. I would like to show you three different aspects of the God of peace

I. Ruling Peace(6a)

a. Explanation

i. Here is a point we often forget or we don’t stop and think about it, “For on to us, a son is given”

1. That means that God choose to give us His son

2. think of it in this way, imagine giving your son up to be mock, beaten and finally hung a cross to die.

3. That is amazing. The problem is that we have heard this time and time again, try thinking about it for the first time

ii. You want to talk about a great burden, “and the government shall be upon his shoulders”

1. WOW! That is a lot

2. that is saying that he is in charge of everything.

3. I felt a overwhelmed when I went from Counselor at Edinboro to Director, imagine having to run the world.

b. Application

i. There is one point that comes out here, Jesus was to be the ruler of the Earth

ii. But think about it he ruled in peace

iii. Jesus did not assemble an army to take over the world

iv. He did it through peace

v. Peace can rule

c. Illustration

i. We could go back in history and realize that there has been examples of both peace and violence. Let me go back to Martin Luther King and Malcom X. We remember and respect Martin Luther King for his peaceful way of getting things done. Malcom X has negative thoughts.

vi. Don’t ever thing that peace can not overcome violence and force

vii. Peace can rule the earth

viii. That is the method our Savior Used, that better be our method too.

II. Power Peace(6b)

a. Explanation

i. Jesus had Power – look at this list, think about what it means

1. Wonderful Counselor – Jesus is one who knew what people were thinking. He understood human nature. He understands our hears. And He knows how to answer and meet this needs. Jesus eliminates confusion he gives us insight into eternal issues. If we could spend fifteen minutes with the Christ we could learn more about ourselves than in years of counseling. That is why the Bible is so relevant. You will be amazed how often the Bible speaks to the issues that matter most to you. Why is this? Because Jesus is the Wonderful Counselor.

2. Mighty God – The Bible does not teach that Jesus was formed in God’s image. It does not say that he was under God. It says HE IS GOD! He is control. We often separate the trinity into three separate God’s Please never forget they still our ONE! This mighty God prevents the chaos. The promises that he makes. He most certainly fulfills.

3. Everlasting Father – One of the most annoying things about state and federal leaders is that they are always running for re-election The bad part is that they often act in ways that help there reputation so that they can get re-elected rather then sticking to their beliefs and going against the grain. Policy is often determined by public opinion rather then right and wrong. JESUS IS NOT RUNNING FOR RE-ELECTION! His term will never end. He does not have to campaign and break promises. He rule’s without concern for public opinion. He was just not the ruler of Earth when He was here on Earth, He is Ruller Forever – Yesterday, Today, Forever, Jesus is the Same! All may change but Jesus never, Glory to His name!

4. Prince of Peace – This powerful God that we are talking about did not come to wage war but to be a reconciler. Jesus come to reconciles sinful men and women to God, people with their pasts, nations and races to each other. This mighty powerful God method of choice is peace. Not force. Peace!

III. Reigning Peace(7)

a. Explanation

i. Read Vs 7 again

ii. I will admit the first time I read vs 7 I was mighty confused. I did not understand how peace would increase.

1. I realized that as his government increases there will be more peace.

2. Notice the fact that Isaiah mentions that he will be from the Davidic line. Sure enough Joseph was. It is amazing how many things had to be in place for God to come to this Earth and fulfill every promise

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