Summary: The Lord has remianed faithful and present at FB, Cherokee for 100 years because as individuals and as a church we have remembered Him as the Lord of Our Past, becasue He has remained as the Love of Our Life.

FB, Cherokee

January 11, 2004

Sunday Morning

“Great Is His Faithfulness”

Intro.: With approximately 250 hours into the New Year, how many of you have faithfully kept ALL of your new year’s resolutions? Any of them? How many of you don’t even care to make New Year’s resolutions?

Not only is this a new year but this is also our church’s Centennial year. For 100 years First Baptist Church Cherokee has been ministering in and through the name of Jesus Christ to people in and out of Alfalfa County. Our ministry is not only measured in miles but also in geography.

Over these 100 years the physical and spiritual elements have changed. Obviously, many of them for the better. People’s lives and needs have changed. Ministry opportunities have changed. Many things have changed but one thing has stayed the same. The message of the gospel has always been “saved by grace through faith alone!”

To accompany our church’s centennial year your staff has developed a theme. “Great Is His Faithfulness – Lord Of Our Past, Love Of Our Life, and Light Of Our Future.” This morning I want to take the first two theme points as two compound points.

I. Lord Of Our Past – Some Things Never Change


1. “Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever.” Hebrews 13:8.

2. Whether we read this verse in 1904 or 2004 it’s the same.

3. In a world of constant change it is good to know that Jesus Christ is always the same.

4. In a world of pluralism and humanism it is good to know that He is always here for us, that He will always love us.

5. It is good to know that His sacrifice on the cross and His resurrection from the dead will always be sufficient.

6. I don’t hear God calling His Son from heaven again to redeem mankind from their sin.

7. Over 100 years our country has had 19 different presidents but the same Jesus.

8. Over 100 years our city has had 21 different mayors but the same Jesus.

9. Jesus’ sameness yesterday, today and forever is a comfort in this day and gives us a rock solid foundation regardless of changes our city and nation encounter.


1. Last week I preached a message about reading the Bible and I said, “The Bible is nothing more yet everything else – the revelation of who God is.”

2. The Bible stands for all times as a revelation from God’s mouth to our ears.

3. It has never changed nor will it ever change.

4. It is as current and relevant as today’s Newspapers.

5. “The grass withers, the flower fades, but the word of our God stands forever.” Isaiah 40:8.

6. The Word of God is where we get our directives for worship, for our lives, and most of all for salvation.

7. The first person saved in this church to the last will need to trust Christ by grace through faith.

8. This will never change and it will never take second place over man, woman, a policy book, or a church constitution.

9. God’s Word has worked for 100 years in this church and as long as I’m your Pastor it will work for another 100 years.

10. It doesn’t need to be improved, changed, enhanced, altered, or made better.

11. The doctrinal truth taught in the Bible does not change and anyone who tries to change it or water it down or take it away from this pulpit or a classroom will be refuted from the Word of God.

12. God’s truth and the divine principles He has given us do not and will not change.

13. Jesus has been Lord of our PAST, He is Lord of our PRESENT and He will remain Lord of our future when we live by His Word and don’t try to change it or make it fit our lifestyle.


1. Listen – in every generation that has ever lived, people have hungered for spiritual truth.

2. From Adam to the last baby born this minute.

3. Some more than others in different generations but people have always hungered for spiritual truth.

4. Perhaps more today than ever before people are seeking spiritual guidance in their lives.

5. The World Wide Web has greatly enhanced this possibility.

6. 25% of surfers have searched for religious or spiritual information on the Internet.

7. People’s spiritual needs over 100 years has not changed but the way in which we seek information and answers has changed dramatically.

8. Acts 17:27.

9. The God in which you are seeking today is closer to you than ever before.

10. It is a biblically fact that we will always have spiritual seekers among us – this will never change – nor will our attempts to reach those seekers with the Gospel.

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