Summary: If I value you highly, I will let you know through my mouth. If I don’t value you, then I will use words like “jerk” and “stupid” and “idiot” and “low-life”.

God knows that there are more ways to kill than with a knife or a gun, and

there are more things to kill than a body.

Things to kill or destroy:

Body – some of us think that we are off the hook on this command because we

have never killed another body. Killing another body is the most obvious

application of this command. But there are other things that you can kill, and

we might not come out so clean on some of these.

Spirit – belittling them, never letting them know that they are valuable to

you. (tell story of family sculpturing where father never let his son know that

he loved him or that he was proud of him)

Reputation – slander, rumors

Dreams – you can either work to help make sure your children’s dreams, or spouses dreams, or friend’s dreams come to reality, or you can discourage them from ever having dreams

Family – stealing time from them, never making them a priority, as an employer

you can require too much time out of your employees or not pay them enough so

that they can spend time with their families.

Weapons We Use:

Words of the tongue (Prov. 18:21) – with my tongue, I can either build you or

destroy you. I can either give life or take it away.

I can put wind in your sails, or I can take your breath away.

How are you using your tongue?

The way that I use my tongue with you is a direct result of how much value I place on your life.

If I value you highly, I will let you know through my mouth. If I don’t value you, then I will use words like “jerk” and “stupid” and “idiot” and “low-life”.

Neglect (Lev. 19:16b) – The Jewish people would often use their rooftops

for a place to relax or a place to talk with people. They didn’t spend a lot of

time inside because it was dark and hot. Their laws required them to build a

wall all the way around their rooftop to help prevent anyone from falling off.

If they did not build this wall, they could be held responsible for the death of

someone who did fall off. Do you take care to protect the lives of people around


How many relationships have been killed by neglect?

When it could have been saved and nurtured and grown to it full potential!

Failure to warn (Ezek. 33:7-8) – Ezekiel was given a solemn warning by God.

God told Ezekiel what he was getting ready to do, and then he told Ezekiel that

it was his job to warn everyone else. If Ezekiel did as he was commanded, and

the people chose to not respond, then Ezekiel would be free from blame. But if

Ezekiel, knowing what was getting ready to happen, chose to keep his mouth shut and not tell anyone either because of fear or not wanting to be rejected or just because he had other things to do, then God said that he would hold Ezekiel

guilty for the blood of everyone who died as a result of Ezekiel’s failure to

warn them. Failing to warn someone of impending doom is the same as taking a gun to their head and blowing them away.

It’s our job to lovingly warn people about their lifestyles, their choices, their future.

We can do that a lot of different ways…always being there for them, listening to them (Not always speaking at that time), praying for them, (the church being reformed in 1980) how many peoples lives been touched thru this church, how many sermons have been preached from this pulpit, how many people have been saved and baptized in this church, it’s our job to make sure it stays strong for the next generation.

Every human’s life is precious and valuable and needs to be regarded with utmost respect not because of the things they do or don’t do – but because the

Creator’s signature is inscribed at the very core of their being, whether they

know that or not.

And any action from us that results in the destruction of a person’s name or

character or reputation or value or life is ultimately directed at God – the One

who gave life to that person and we will have to answer to Him.

How can we have any blessed relationship with the Almighty if we do not value those He values and for whom His Son laid down His life?

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