Summary: Today it seems that many Christians have lost the sense of excitement, surprise and curiosity to know more about the wonderful Counselor? Here are nine ways to rejuvenate that sense of wonderment about the Lord we love.

How to Regain the Sense of Wonder of the Wonderful Counselor (Isa 9:6-15)

His name shall be called Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, everlasting Father, Prince of Peace. (Isa 9:6)

In the context of this chapter the Israelites are going through a period of darkness, despair and depression. In our gloom and despair, we fear that our sorrows will never end. But we can take comfort in the midst of our uncertainties. Even though God may not spare us from our troubles, He promises that if we follow Him then He will lead us safely through them.

In this passage Isaiah describes the child who would be our deliverer as the Messiah. These northern territories, Zebulun and Naphtali were in the northern kingdom where Jesus grew up and ministered. He is the great light, the wonderful counselor (The exceptional, wondrous loving one, the one without a peer, the one who always gives the right advice), the mighty God (Hallelujah for the Lord God omnipotent reigns), the Everlasting Father (He is timeless and a loving Father who always provides, protect and points us in the right direction), the Prince of Peace (His rule, reign and government is one of justice and peace and order).

In the midst of our darkest times, God promises to send a light that will shine on everyone living in the shadows of death, despair and deterioration.

Christ alone provides us with an eternal hope in the midst of our hopelessness, helplessness and heartaches.

He came to be our deliverer from sin, selfishness and suffering.

Today it seems that many Christians have lost the sense of excitement, surprise and curiosity to know more about the wonderful Counselor? Here are nine ways to rejuvenate that sense of wonderment about the Lord we love.

True Story: One woman called her flight agent to book a flight to New York. She said, "I want to go and see the wonders of hippopatamus New York, please book me a flight from Dallas." The agent said, "I’m sorry Madame but there is no such city. Perhaps you want Albany or Syracuse?"

After ten minutes the agent said, "Maybe you want to go to Buffalo?

Oh yes, that is the place because I want to see the wonders of Niagara falls, the woman said. I knew it was near the city that sounded like a huge animal!

That woman was genuinely excited about going to learn about a place she had never been even though her knowledge left something to be desired.

Many people in the USA are more in wonderment about what Brett Farve will do for the New York Jets than they are about the wonders that God is going to do in their life this year.

I have often heard the President of Trinity college say to our graduating students, "Never lose the wonder of the Lord. Otherwise you will grow stale, dull and eventually lose your fervor in serving him." He is exactly right.

Here are nine aspects of the Lord that we can worship, sing about and tell others to elevate them to higher levels of wonderment in gaining greater vision, perspective and intimacy with the Wonderful Counselor:

1. WOUNDED - He was wounded for our transgression. (Isa 53)

When we consider the price He paid for our forgiveness we have to fall on our faces in awestruck love, appreciation and gratitude for bearing shame and sin in our place.

I remember in Nigeria when my students would sing the song, "He was wounded for our transgression. He bore our sins in His body on the tree. For our sins HE sacrificed. With His blood His gave release. And with His stripes we are made whole." It made me weep with a greater wonder of His love.

2. WORTHY - We often sing, "Thou are worthy O Lord to receive glory, honor and power. For You have created all things and for your pleasure they are and are created." (Rev. 4:11) We worship the Lord because of His worthship. He is the weighty one who is worthy to receive all of our allegiance, service and attention above everything else. Paul wrote, "For me to live is Christ and to die is gain." (PHil. 1:21)

3. WHEREWITHAL - The Lord is the source, means and the goal of life. Paul wrote, "For from Him and through Him and to Him are all things. To Him be the glory both now and to the day of eternity." (Rom 11:33-36)

Peter wrote, "Seeing that His divine power has granted to us everything pertaining to life and godliness through the true knowledge of Him who calls us by HIs own glory and excellence. He helps us escapes the corruption that is in the world by lust." (2 Pet 1:3,4)

The Lord is the provision giver for all our needs according to HIs riches in glory by Christ Jesus.

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Stephen Smarowsky

commented on Aug 15, 2008

This is an excellent study to help us reflect on all the aspects of Christ. Thank you for you insights on this scripture.

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