Summary: Life is like a journey on a winding mountain road; we need to be alert to the hazards!

Hazards Ahead: Watch Out!

(Proverbs 27:4-7)

1. Moms come in all varieties. Rather than share a joke about moms, today I will share a couple of humorous true stories:

My mother, a master of guilt trips, showed me a photo of herself waiting by a phone that never rings. “Mom, I call all the time,” I said. “If you had an answering machine, you’d know.” Soon after, my brother installed one for her. When I called the next time, I got her machine: “If you are a salesperson, press one. If you’re a friend, press two. If you’re my daughter who never calls, press 911 because the shock will probably give me a heart attack.” —Susan Starace Balducci

2. My mother had just finished taking a CPR class at a local college when she and I were in the mall and saw a big crowd gathered around a still body. Mom took off running at a speed I didn’t know she could muster, yelling, “Everyone back! I know CPR!” Just as she threw herself next to the body and was about to begin, a pair of strong hands pulled her to her feet. “Ma’am,” said a police officer beside her, “we are trying to arrest this man.” —Talea Torres [both from]

3. This second mom could have easily gotten herself injured.

4. But whether you are a mom or not, life has its hazards. And Proverbs helps us prepare for them!

Main Idea: Life is like a journey on a winding mountain road; we need to be alert to the hazards!

I. The Hazard Potential of the Nuclear Emotions: Wrath, Anger, and JEALOUSY (4)

A. Wrath can make one act CRUELLY.

• Hitler was cheated by a Jewish family when he was a young man, and his hatred for the Jews grew worse within a nation that was already Anti-semitic.

• King David was full of wrath when Nabal refused to offer he and his men hospitality after they helped with his livestock. He planned to kill every male in the family, but Abigail made him see sense – for which he was thankful.

B. Anger can easily OVERFLOW.

1. Esau was angry at Jacob; Jacob fled for his life; eventually Esau cooled off.

2. One of the greatest predictors of marital happiness is controlling anger.

3. Sometimes people who get angry often have better control because of practice. They learn to speak up EARLY, before anger gets out of hand.

4. Both wrath and anger are destructive, violent, and irrational.

C. Angry people may cool off, but jealousy is especially INSIDIOUS.

1. Jealousy for someone is good (as, for example, God), but jealousy of someone can be warranted at times, but is often wrong and certainly dangerous.

2. Jealousy seems like such a childish emotion, but adults simply disguise it better.

3. Jealousy contrary to humility. Humility says God has blessed me more than I deserve. Jealousy says God has cheated me, He has blessed others in greater ways.

4. Charles Bridges says, “Men cannot endure the real or reputed excellency of others.”

5. Cain was jealous of Abel.

Matthew 27:18, “For he knew that it was out of envy that they had delivered him up.”

Song of Solomon 8:6b, “…for love is strong as death, jealousy is fierce as the grave. Its flashes are flashes of fire…”

II. The Hazard of LIP-ZIP When We Should Be Vocal (5-6)

A. Some people are vocal about EVERYTHING, so don’t take them seriously.

1. Some people are whine babies; result: “boy who cried wolf!”

2. “Love covers a multitude of sins…”(I Peter 4:8) picky picky

3. When someone who doesn’t normally complain speaks, people listen.

B. Love that can REBUKE and wound us for our good is the stronger love.

1. The letter to the Galatians is a case in point; Paul rebukes the people for considering some of the false teachings they had tolerated. Galatians 4:16 says, “ Have I then become your enemy by telling you the truth?”

2. Motive is so very important… why am I confronting?

C. Love that is HIDDEN is a lower level of love.

• Notice there are two contrasting levels of love: silent love and a love that is willing to confront. One type of love is strapped by fear, the other takes courage.

• “Perfect love casts out fear” (I John 4:18)

D. Flattering, deceptive love might be INSINCERE at best and HATRED at worst.

1. Judas is an example of an enemy kissing.

2. So are Absalom, Ahithophel, and Joab in the OT.

Application: Why is it some of the best medicines taste so bad? Or the treatments with the nasty side-effects are most effective? Confrontation is unpleasant but sometimes needed.

III. The Hazard of Ignoring How SATIATION Changes Our Perspective (7)

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