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  • Speak Up

    Contributed by Archie Norman on Aug 14, 2015

    Speak Up

    Speak Up Acts 16:11-15 1. Paul's connection to an influential partner - vs.6-7, 10 2. Paul's commitment to an intentional plan - v. 13, cp. 17:2 3. Paul's confession to an invisible persuasion - v. 14 more

  • Speak Up!

    Contributed by Rex Williams on Jan 27, 2003
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    To create resolve that people will look for ways to reconcile those who are estranged from God, even for those who have made decisions to end another’s life through abortion or euthanasia and to combat the growing acceptance of ‘death with dignity’ by spe

    Purpose: To motivate hearers to be proactive about the sacred nature of human life. January 22nd is the day the United States Supreme Court ruled on the Roe v. Wade case making abortion legal for any reason during the entire term of pregnancy. Since that decision (and it’s neighbor Doe v. more

  • Speak Up

    Contributed by Chris Talton on Oct 27, 2003
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    6 principles for knowing when to speak up and how to deal with consequences

    Sept. 7, 2003 Esther 7 “Speak up!” INTRODUCTION Charlie Brown and one of his friends were discussing the problems of life as they walked down the road. After much discussion, Charlie Brown declared his problem solving philosophy. He said, “There’s no problem so big that I can’t more

  • Living The Gospel: Speak Up!

    Contributed by Joseph Smith on Nov 20, 2009
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    We have not found our voices yet because we have low self-esteem, but Christ declares us to be light. The world is asking for light, but we must learn to read the signs and to be who we are. March 1988

    As a child I was fascinated one day by’ the fact that when you open the refrigerator, there is always a light burning. I was fascinated by it because I wanted to know whether that light was on when the door was closed as well as when it was open. And so I began to experiment. First I tried to stick more

  • Stand Up - Speak Up

    Contributed by Larry Grant on May 22, 2022
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    With Holy Ghost Power COMES Holy Ghost Problems! When you are at your highest in ministry it is often when the sect of Sadducees (the elite) are filled with indignation! But God calls us to Stand Up & Speak Up!

    Scripture: Acts 5:14-25 Standing Up and Speaking Up Let me set the scene. The apostles were meeting regularly at the Temple in Jerusalem in Solomon’s Porch, an area just beyond the Gate called Beautiful by the Eastern Wall. Acts teaches us increasingly people believed and were added more

  • Who Is Willing To Speak Up

    Contributed by Rick Gillespie- Mobley on Sep 24, 2003
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    This sermon about a willingness to speak the truth even when it’s not very popular.

    Who Is Willing To Speak Up? GNLCC 7/13/03 Jeremiah 38:1-9 2 Timothy 4:14-18 Have you ever had the experience in which something was going on that was not right, or something was happening that you disagreed with but you just left it alone and walked away? Only to later be bothered by more

  • Stand Up And Speak Up For Jesus Christ

    Contributed by Charles Mccall on Dec 31, 2006
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    You ought to Stand up and Speak up for Jesus!!!!

    Isaiah 6:1-8 Topic: Stand up and speak up for Jesus Christ. Isaiah, whose name means “Salvation of Jehovah” is one of the 4 major prophets of the Old Testament along with Jeremiah, Ezekiel and Daniel. As a Old Testament prophet, Isaiah prophesied to the southern tribe of Israel, which more

  • Are You On The Lords Team?

    Contributed by Dr.w.samuel Legon on Feb 19, 2020

    Do you have determination and dedication to follow Jesus.

    Are you on the Lords Team? Hebrews 12:1-24 We can see dedication,determination,discipline ,desire. We need to wake up stand up speak up. Get busy be a winner finish strong. Christ and you can be the winners. (1) Dedication in here recommended more

  • Speak Up! Open Your Mouth For God Series

    Contributed by Charles Wallis on Apr 23, 2009

    We know we are full of the Holy Spirit when we speak for God.

    Speak Up! Open your mouth for God! Youth April 22, 2009 Thankful: God is working among you – we can see it! God is not limited by age! Speak up! Today is Earth Day and people have a lot to say. T-Shirts – say, “Love Her (the earth)” and “Try to Save Yourself” - people say all kinds of more

  • It Time For Us To:

    Contributed by Dr.w.samuel Legon on May 2, 2017

    Things we need to do today for our Lord.

    IT TIME FOR US TO: Psalms 40: 1 I waited patiently for the LORD; and he inclined unto me, and heard my cry. 2 He brought me up also out of an horrible pit, out of the miry clay, and set my feet upon a rock, and established my goings. 1. Now we need to sing up. more

  • The Sound That Will Change The World!

    Contributed by Chris Smith on Jul 9, 2020
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    There are many voices that are speaking up and being heard. These voices can potentially bring change to our nation. But there is on voice that satan will fight overtime to silence, that is THE VOICE OF INTERCESSION!

    "A Sound That Will Change the World" There are many voices that are speaking up and being heard. These voices can potentially bring change to our nation. But there is on voice that satan will fight overtime to silence, that is THE VOICE OF INTERCESSION! Intercession has been all but more

  • How Am I Different? Series

    Contributed by Curry Pikkaart on Oct 16, 2014
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    With all the gender confusion in our society, it's time for the church to speak up.

    “Getting A Clue: How Am I Different?” Gen. 1:26-31 & 2:4-7, 18-25; In preparation for this series I discovered a powerful, inspirational, challenging sermon by Mary Kassian, entitled The Genesis of Gender.” (1) Some of her opening words are important for our consideration more

  • Who Am I? Series

    Contributed by Curry Pikkaart on Oct 16, 2014
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    I cannot overestimate the importance of image - especially in today's culture. It's time for the church to speak up.

    “Getting A Clue: Who Am I?” Gen. 1:26-31 & 2:4-7, 18-25; Col 1:15-20 I cannot overestimate the importance of image – especially in today’s culture. People wander from relationship to relationship, pursuit to pursuit, project to project, social group to social group, more

  • Just Do It Anyway

    Contributed by David Nolte on Jul 16, 2018
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    When doing good and right or speaking up for Jesus is hardest we should just do it anyway.

    “JUST DO IT ANYWAY!” ACTS 4:8-20; 5:25-29 David P. Nolte There are things in life that are hard to do, but if they are important enough, and if they are right, we do them anyway. There are sacrifices we are called upon to make that we find inconvenient and excessively costly; but more

  • Real Heroes

    Contributed by David Cook on May 28, 2010
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    Real heroes stand on God's Word, speak up for the truth, and sacrifice for the good of others.

    What does Memorial Day mean to you? For some it means… BBQ Beach Day off work Sleep in late Memorial Day is actually a day of remembrance… Remember the men and women of our American military who laid down their lives for the cause of freedom in our land. Remember if it more