Just Announced: Philippians Sermon Series

Summary: Joshua Followed God, Kept God, and Advanced the kingdom. He obeyed God always. WE should do the same


“He obeyed”


A. What if someone asked you to walk across the Monghalla river, on dry land

B. What if someone asked you to march around the Civic area 7 times and make it crumble?

C. What if someone asked you to take control of 31 cities in about one year?

D. I don’t know about you, but I would be thinking that is crazy

E. Well welcome to the life of Joshua

F. Joshua took over Israel after Mosses dies

G. He was the one that was going to lead the Israelites to the promise land

H. In the first chapter of Joshua he receives a special installation service from God

I. Were God gives him a pep talk telling him that he will be ok

J. (Read 1:9)

K. With that Joshua is off and running

L. Now a couple of weeks ago we learned about Rahab

M. Remember she housed the two spies that Joshua sent over

N. Now were going to pick up that story

O. We are going to learn about how Joshua Obeyed God

P. We are going to see 3 different occasions that it would have been easy for Joshua to turn his back on God, but he did not.

Q. Let’s look at the first occasion

I. Follower of God

A. Explanation

1. In Joshua 3 and 4 we have the story of Israel Crossing the Jordan River.

2. Now we have to understand something about the Jordan River,

a) The Jordan River was not like the Mongahella, the Allegheny, the Ohio, or even the Mississippi

b) The Jordan river is less of a river and more of a swamp

c) There has never been a large city built by it

d) It carries no traffic

e) Basically it was a deep hot swamp, with exotic wildlife

f) That gives us a different view on things

3. When you first read this story you wonder why they waited a couple days before they crossed, think about the number of people that went across

4. The Lord commanded Joshua to take all of Israel except the tribe of Reuben and Gad and ½ of Manasseh, +40,000 soldiers from the tribes that were not crossing the River. So when you add it up (and believe me, it took a lot of calculations it is 2,050,600 people went across the river

a) Well let’s think about this Heinz field hold about 70,000 people you would need 30 Heinz’s fields to equal that many people.

b) WE can fit about 85 people in this sanctuary, we would need 24,008 sanctuaries this size

5. Bonus trivia, in 1927 near the city of Eddemiah, only about 15 miles from were they crossed a cliff fell into the River and blocked the river for about 21 hours, yes it is possible

6. Read 4:10, no wonder they hurried across

7. They set up a memorial after crossing the river, just to remember the special event

B. Application

1. Wow, what can we learn from this

2. That is impossible for that to happen by men’s standard

3. But not for God

4. Joshua was faithful in following God’s commands

5. If you were there and God said I want you to lead 2 million people, you probably would be thinking that he is crazy.

6. But trust God, be willing to step out on a limb

7. What has God ever promised and not delivered

8. Follow God, he will lead you to were you want to go

C. Illustration

1. There is a radio station in Brazil that is located in a Valley. Trans world radio owns it; they are the largest Christian Radio Organization. God led them to the property that by seemed to be the worse place for a radio station. There was tons of resistance from the people of the land to let them build there. There was conventional wisdom that it was a bad location. They followed God; today it is one of the strongest signals in the world. The people of the land built them a real road to the station and they are able to communicate the Gospel. God led them followed, Great things happened

2. Were is God leading you and are you following him

II. Keeper of God

A. Explanation

1. After they crossed the Jordan, Joshua led them to the not much of a normal battle against Jericho, and we all now that the walls came tumbling down (by the way watch the Veggie tale version it is hilarious)

2. Now they burned everything in the city except the silver and Gold was suppose to go into the treasury of the Lord’s house.

3. However, a guy by the name of Achan had a different thought. He figured if he kept just a little bit no body would miss it right?

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