Summary: Message 37 in our journey through John's gospel. This message summarizes the ministry of the Holy Spirit as revealed in the Scriptures. A more complete treatment of the ministry of the Holy Spirit can be found in the Holy Spirit series.

Chico Alliance Church

Pastor David Welch

“Heaven’s 7, 24, 365 Perpetual Pastor”

Considerable confusion exists today over the roll and function of this special person in the church. To many, his work and relationship to the church remains a mystery. He is not only invisible but also sometimes confusing and can even be a little bit eerie ... especially when, for many years, He was referred to as “It” and known to many as the as “The Holy Ghost.” Add to that various disturbing stories we hear today and activities carried out in the His name that don’t fit any Biblical norms and you have a stage set for division and confusion. Upon a closer look at the revelation concerning the Holy Spirit and His ministry in the Scripture, we discover that the Holy Spirit’s role is very similar, if not identical, to the role of a pastor. He is God’s perfect perpetual pastor to God’s people. He is on the job 7 days, 24 hours, 365 days

As we learned last week, His ministry is similar if not identical to the ministry of Christ to His disciples. Jesus maintained a close association and daily relationship with the disciples for over three years.

• He maintained a varied and intense ministry.

• He directed their thinking.

• He admonished their unbelief.

• He touched their needs.

• He empowered their ministry.

• He explained and modeled the Father.

• He commissioned them.

Before Jesus left the earth, He promised to provide another “Comforter” “Helper”, “encourager”. Jesus promised to send someone just like Him. He promised to send, in His place, someone who would carry on the same kind of ministry that He had among them. The Holy Spirit was sent to come along side each believer to direct and enable them to be faithful followers of Christ and carry out the commission passed on by Him. He works to bring about the eternal purposes of the Father and the Son regarding the kingdom. He is not here just to make us feel warm or provide some ecstatic experience. As we will see, His ministry on earth is much more practical and powerful and affects far more than the emotional. The Holy Spirit is here to lead us and enable us to conform to, and effectively carry out the agenda of the Father and the Son.

NOTE: These notes are abbreviated to provide a simple overview of the ministry of the Holy Spirit.

I. The Name and Titles of the Holy Spirit

Each of these names reveals and highlights either a relationship or function.

A. Relationship to the Father

Spirit of God Gen 1:2; Matt 3:16

Spirit of the Lord Luke 4:18

Spirit of our God 1 Cor 6:11

His Spirit Num 11:29

Spirit of Yahweh Judg 3:10

Your Spirit Ps 139:7

Spirit of the Lord God Isa 61:1

Spirit of you Father Matt 10:20

Spirit of the Living God 2 Cor 3:3

B. Relationship to the Son

Spirit of Christ Rom 8:9

Spirit of Jesus Christ Phil 1:19

Spirit of Jesus Act 16:7

Spirit of His Son Gal 4:6

Spirit of the Lord Act 5:9; 8:39

C. Titles revealing attributes

Spirit of Life Rom 8:2

Spirit of Holiness Rom 1:4

Holy One 1 John 2:20

Spirit of Wisdom Ex 28:3; Eph 1:17

Spirit of Wisdom and understanding Isa 11:2

Spirit of Counsel and Might Isa 11:2

Spirit knowledge & fear of the Lord Is 11:2

Spirit of Truth John 14:17

Spirit of Grace Heb 10:29; Zech 12:10

D. Titles revealing His Work

Spirit of Glory 1 Pet 4:14

Spirit of life Rom 8:2

Encourager, Helper, Comforter Jn 14-16

Spirit of Adoption Rom 8:15


• Clothed with Power Luke 24:49

• A Dove Mat 3:16; Mk 1:10; Lk 3:22; Jn 1:32

• Down-payment 2 Cor 1:22; 5:5; Eph 1:14

• Fire Acts 2:3

• Oil (Only by implication.)

• Seal 2 Cor 1:22; Eph 1:13; 4:30

• Water John 7:37-39

• Wind John 3:8; Acts 2:1-2

II. The Origin of the Holy Spirit

The Holy Spirit, like the Father and the Son is the source of all life and has NO origin. The Holy Spirit eternally proceeds from the Father. John 15:26 “the Spirit of truth, which proceeds (present tense) from the Father”. Psalm 104:30 “You send forth Your Spirit”. The Holy Spirit exists from eternity along with the Father and the Son. His relationship with the Father and son has been from eternity and his ministry with men since the beginning.

III. The Nature and Character of the Holy Spirit

A. He is invisible but personal (John 3)

B. He has all the elements of personality

• Intellect (mind) 1Cor 2:10-11; Eph 1:17

• Sensibility (emotions) Eph 4:30; Joy in the HS

• Volition (will) 1 Cor 12:11

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