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Summary: A message on the Name of Jesus and it’s importance.

His Name

By:Charlse Kyle

Matthew: 1:21 And she shall bring forth! a son and His Name shall

be called Jesus; for he shall save his’ people from their sins.

Luke 2:21, his Name was called JESUS,

I want to say at the beginning of this morning that there is a great importance attached to a Name. There is no more important word in the English language than your name. The sound of your name has a ring to it that you like to hear over and over. Successful salesmen will tell you and have learned to use your name in the selling of a certain Item.

History abounds with the names of men who affected it’s course drastically, the name of Columbus, Alexander the great, Washington, Luther, Calvin, Cortez, Stalin, Hitler, Churchill, Martin Luther King, Nixon and Reagan. All of these Names are written into the history books, as men who stepped out in time and were luminaries in time.

They stepped out in time and for a time they lit the paths of men.

But you see they were as falling stars, they lightened up the Horizon for a time, but when they burned out they left a darkness greater than when they came.

Time is the great spoiler, Names either fade away or they become entombed in a dusty reference book stuck away on some shelf. The Names that are applauded today will be forgotten tomorrow and we may search for them as time Marches on, and we march with it.

Every time I go to the cemetery that silent city of the dead, I’m reminded of the temporariness of this life. I’m reminded that prince and popper alike are buried there, and they have one thing in common their Names will be no more.

In a northeast Texas town in the cemetery there on a granite block there is the heading of a very noble man. The writing on that beautiful stone reads "Sam Rayburn the speaker

of the House, As some of you may remember he was referred to in congress of the United States as Mr. Sam maker of President’s. There was a time that this influential man had such a hold over the congress and the affairs of this nation, until you could not be President without his sanction or without his blessing.

As you look at that stone you are also reminded that he died just like any other man, You were Powerful, you were influential you made Presidents and broke men that dared to defy you but you died one day and they laid you in a grave and your name will

be forgotten, it’ll be relegated to some History book.

I’m here to tell you that nearly 2 thousand years ago a man stepped out on the scene of time, a man stepped out to break the stony silence for 400 years man had not heard from God, there was prophetic silence, there had been no Open Vision, there had been no word from Throne of God, and man struggled along in the dryness of religious routine, he struggled along in the deadness of religious dogmas and credo’s.

And suddenly out yonder in a barn in Bethlehem the cry of a babe pierced the night and heavens a cappella choir stood on the balcony of the glory world and sang "Glory to God

in the Highest peace on earth good will toward men” And Yonder in the satanic underworld came a cry, a cry that was from the very throat of Satan himself as he recognized that" The Champion of Champions had been born and ,no longer .that he would dominate or domineer men, that his power was broken, that his strength

was weakened, that Jesus Christ would ultimately defeat him on the cross of Calvary.

And bring to men a lift from their sin and bring to man Joy for sorrow, Light for darkness, help for the Helpless, he knew his Power and his kingdom would soon be coming to an end.

Yes there was a name that the world awaited to hear.

Other names had come and gone and they had left nothing but spiritual darkness in their wake.

Men had heard of:

Moses and the bulrush

They’d heard of Daniel in the lions den

They’d heard of David in the Valley Ella

Jona and the Whale, and the Tears of Jeremiah.

These names were great and hold their place in faiths hall of fame.

But they could not remove the burden of sin.

They could not exchange guilt for grace; they could not straiten a crooked life, or bring Happiness to a broken heart.

Other great men have stepped out on the stage of time and they have done what they could to heal Humanities hurt. But Guilt stubbornly refused to lose her hold upon the heart of Humanity and just when it looked like the nightmare would never end. Just when

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