Summary: The President of Kenya warned President Obama not to talk about the recent decision to allow same sex marriage in the United States.

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Jesus warned us that the Last Days would be like the days of Noah.

People would be lost, willfully disobedient to God, refusing to turn to Him in repentance.

Sadly we seem to be living in just such a world.

Apart from Israel and Jesus church the rest of the world is in rebellion toward God.

It must break God’s heart to see the world in open rebellion to Him after He gave His son to save it.

In Psalm 33 we have reason to hope and trust in God despite the condition of our fallen world.

We do not know who wrote Psalm 33 but it expresses the kind of hope and trust that David so often expressed.

We see in it that our hope and trust in God will keep us alive in all kinds of calamity.

We need not fear a powerful army or its great weapons of war for our God is all powerful.

Our God is Sovereign over all the world and over all that is seen and unseen.

For these reasons and others we should rejoice and sing with music and musical instruments before our God.

We can look to our God in His majesty and might as He is the creator of the starry hosts and the heavens.

With power like that we should also have a reverent fear of God.

We are told that the nation who serves the Living God is a blessed nation and God chooses them as His inheritance.

Sadly many nations who once recognized and served God are turning away from Him.

We see this in our own country as well as others.

Recently the President of the United States visited the African country of Kenya where the President’s father was born.

The President of Kenya warned President Obama not to talk about the recent decision to allow same sex marriage in the United States.

Kenya is a Christian country and would not allow a foreign President to tell them how they should live or what they should believe.

This is a real David and Goliath story that should give us hope and joy as we see such a small country stand up for the Lord against the worlds super power.

It seems Kenyans know that God is the only true super power to be feared and trusted.

There is a lot of turmoil right now in our world on so many fronts, social, financial, political, and spiritual.

But do not be afraid or alarmed by these things as they have to run their course.

We see Israel preparing to build the 3rd Temple.

We see religious leaders posturing for positions of control in Jerusalem.

We see countries preparing their armies and rattling their swords.

The world’s economies are on a precipice.

There are signs in the heavens and on the earth but few take them to heart.

Even though all these things were prophesied they should not take us by surprise.

Continue to put your trust and hope in the Lord as He is the one who carries us through all these difficult times.

The Psalmist tells us that our God watches all who live on earth not just some.

We continue to remain within our Heavenly Fathers sight and that is a comforting thought.

Like children never allowed to stray to close to danger our Father watches over us.

Our God is weighing everything that the nations are doing and they will have to answer to Him one day and soon.

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