1. Have you ever wondered why we should leave all final judgments to God? We live at a time when many are quick to weigh in with their judgment of people, politics or the hottest topic on talk radio. Paul wanted to clear up several misperceptions about judging by explaining the nature of God’s judgment. In this passage Paul teaches the Romans about the truth, extent, and means of God’s judgments. In contrast to human evaluation, God’s judgment is perfect, just and based upon each individual’s accountability with what they have been given. Ask the Lord to help you rely more on God’s judgments than human evaluations to assess people, processes and perspectives.

2. Paul contrasts God’s judgments with man’s faulty assessments. The Jews were quick to judge others in a legalistic way that suited their purposes. Proceduralism often took a greater priority for the legalistic thinkers than pleasing God. They were constantly looking for more guidelines to order everyone’s actions. Consequently, the Jews became proud of their own accomplishments instead relying on God’s mercy, love and grace. Paul wanted the Romans to move away from having to rely on the Law and move toward relying on Christ. Ask the Lord to help you contrast a life lived by the law versus one reliant on God’s grace in all aspects of your personal life, relationships and activities.

3. God’s judgment is based on the truth of Christ and the Scriptures. Regardless of what anyone writes about a person’s legacy, righteousness and truth are the criteria by which God makes all of His judgments. Ask the Lord to help you to order your life in a way that measures success according to His standards instead of human criteria.

4. God’s judgment and rewards will be proportional according to our deeds that contribute to His kingdom and righteousness. The work of Christ through us is done by His grace, but it merits an eternal reward. Ask the Lord to help you to sow bountifully in the quality and quantity of service to maximize your eternal experience.

5. God’s judgment is meted out without respect to class, education or background. The Lord is no respecter of persons. Ask the Lord to help you to encourage everyone to make the most of all opportunities regardless of their advantages or disadvantages.

6. God’s judgment will be measured according to the privileges we have been given. Jesus said, "To whom is entrusted much, much will be required." Ask the Lord to help you avoid taking any of your physical, social, or spiritual privileges for granted.

7. God’s judgment will be according to the law, written or unwritten which each person has received. Those who have not been exposed to the written word of God will be accountable for the truth hidden in their conscience. Each person will be judged on the basis of how they have used what they were given. Only the Lord and each individual are aware of their benefits and responsibilities. Ask the Lord to help you to make the most of every benefit to fulfill your God given responsibilities.

8. God’s judgment will be carried out by Jesus Christ. (Rom. 2:16) The Lord Jesus knows what kind of temptations we have experienced mentally, emotionally and physically. Get to know Christ intimately so you can please Him in all respects and bear fruit in every good work. Judgment is measured by how they respond to Jesus Christ. God said, "You will find me if you search for me with all your heart." (Jer. 29:13) He is able to empathize with feelings of our infirmities. Ask the Lord to help you remember that God’s judgment will be harsh to the non-Christian and proportional to the Christian according to their obedience and faith.

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