Summary: Character of Thanksgiving

Watch here our approach in thanksgiving. . . To give thanks is to Confess (Heb. Yahad) which simply mean praising Yahweh. . . This type of approach introduces the entire dimension of praise and thanksgiving envolked by His name in biblical usage. . .

Yadah suggest that when we approach God with praise and thanksgiving. . . .

We approach Him calling his name – does anybody here know His name?

We approach Him with our hands extended --- somebody ought to reach out to God!

We approach Him by wringing the hands – this is when you are in the position that you can’t reach out – the clasping or wringing effect of the hand envolks God’s attention. . .

This should remind us that the Holy God cannot be directly approached by fallen man, but only through His name. . .

There are two proofs that back this up:

1. His Word: which declares it

2. His Reputation: which performs it

So if God only reveals Himself in His Name. . . . that suggest that true thanksgiving. . real praise can only come through His Name. . Any other type of praise or thanksgiving does not have enough spiritual lift to reach God’s ear. . . . but has some-what of a wall mentality – reaching only the ears of men.

Watch this: In the Heb. Tongue verse 8 is written; call unto the Lord, give thanks among the people. Make know upon his name, his deeds. If the people of God were to give thanksgiving in this manner – the first thing that we should be thankful for --- is the privilege that we can call His Name. . . Because of His mercy and his grace – God allows us to come to Him. . .

Also here that your praise has more authority – when you call on him with others assembled in His name. Praise and thanksgiving has power when called in union with other believers.

I’m not suggesting that you don’t continue to give thanks when you are by your self – but that the believer should have a heart of inticipation – joyous to praise God with others. . .

In our text there are two phases required in giving thanks:

1. Directively: (who are you talking to)When giving thanks you must call upon the name of the Lord. . . You can’t call him effectively if you don’t know Him. . . Not just to know his name (satan knows that – devils recognize that) but to have a relationship with him. . . .

2. Testimonily: (Who are you talking about) If your thanksgiving and praise is real – it won’t be selfish --- It won’t be all about you. . . The pronoun “I” should have a way of hiding itself. . Note the “B” part of the scripture. . . make know his deeds among the people. . . It should not matter how large or how small the blessing was --- if you are genuine in your thanksgiving – you will tell it. . . Somebody say, “I’m a taddle-tale for God.”

The Lord brought me

The Lord gave me

The Lord delivered me

The Lord healed me

The Lord gave me joy

The Lord blessed me

Four elements of true thanksgiving are found in this song (psalm)of thanksgiving:

(1) Remembering what God has done – When you go down on your knees – what do you and God talk about? What is the nature of your conversation? Do you tell God what he need to do. . . treating him as a celestrial bell-hop ordering him to place he has already commanded you to go. . . OR do you in your cowardly spiritual nature – talk to God about other folk . . . when Jesus said, “if there is ought with thy brother – go to him. . .

But when you come to God calling on His name. . . We come remembering what God has done. . .

Remember and say it – lest ye forget – How God dried your tears

Remember and say it – lest ye forget – How God saved you

Remember and say it – lest ye forget – How God provided for you

Remember and say it – lest ye forget – How God kept you

(2) (2) telling others about it, (3) showing God’s glory to others, and (4) offering gifts of self, time, and resources. If you are truly thankful, your life will show it.

The basis of praise is declaring God’s character and attributes in the presence of others. When we recognize and affirm his goodness we are holding up his perfect moral nature for all to see. Praise benefits us because it takes our minds off our problems and needs and focuses on God’s power, mercy, majesty, and love.

Genuine praise also involves ascribing glory to God. Remember this in your worship—give God all the glory.

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