Summary: We can overcome incredible odds in life when we put our trust in (1) His awesome power, and (2) His amazing love, for us!

Last week - we look at Peter’s walk upon the water and learn 2 things:

1. We experience the power of God when we take the first step... Put our feet to work, we will see God at work in our lives.

2. Our faith in God grows through experiences with Him in these STEPS - take it step by step. Faith in God won’t grow if we stay in the boat, or wait on the sidelines.

Get in touch with people and see how God can use our words and deeds to impact their lives. We are God’s change-agents on earth.

Today we want to talk about HOW TO FACE INCREDIBLE ODDS. If the God we believe in is a mighty God; if Jesus can experience God’s power in His ministry, today we can live in victory the same way.


1. His Awesome Power For You

2. His Amazing Love For You

Before we read the Scriptures today, let me read you a story by Max Lucado:

You’re leaving the church building. The funeral is over. The burial is next. Ahead of you walk 6 men who carry the coffin that carries the body of your son. Your only son.

You’re numb from the sorrow. You lost your husband, and now you’ve lost your son. Now you have no family. If you had any more tears, you’d weep. If you had any more faith, you’d pray. But both are in short supply, so you do neither. You just stare at the back of the wooden casket.

Suddenly it stops. The pallbearers have stopped. You stop.

A man has stepped in front of the casket. You don’t know him. You’ve never seen him. He wasn’t at the funeral. You have no idea what he is doing. But before you object he steps up to you and says, "Don’t cry."

Don’t cry? Don’t cry! This is a funeral. My son is dead. Don’t cry? Who are you to tell me not to cry?

Those are your thoughts, but they never become your words. Because before you can speak, he acts.

He turns back to the coffin, places his hand on it, and says in a loud voice, "Young men, I tell you, get up!"

"Now just a minute," one of the pallbearers is about to object, but that is interrupted by a sudden movement in the casket. The men look at one another and lower it quickly to the ground. It’s a good thing they do, because as soon as it touches the sidewalk the corpse sat up and began to talk!

Does this sound like something out of a science fiction novel? It’s not. It’s right out of the Gospel of Luke. Let’s read it - Luke 7:11-17

Let’s read verse 15 again: "The dead man sat up and began to talk..." Incredible statement, don’t you think? The Bible puts it simply as a statement of fact, but can you imagine how electrifying that moment is in real time!

Dead people don’t sit up! Dead people don’t talk! Dead people don’t leave their coffins!

UNLESS JESUS SHOWS UP! Because when Jesus shows up, you never know what can happen. Circumstances cannot dictate what God wants to do. No obstacles can prevent Jesus from doing what He wants.

This wasn’t a freak event - happened only by chance. This was repeated two other times.

In the following chapter LUKE 8:40ff. Jairus’ daughter (12 years old) was dead when He arrived at his house. Jesus took the girl’s hand and said, "My child, get up!" (v.54) And at once she stood up.

And then there was the more well known one in JOHN 11 - raising of Lazarus, dead for 4 days. Yet Lazarus was recalled back to life. Again it was a short command, "Lazarus, come out!" (John 11:43)

• Nothing is beyond the power of Jesus. When Jesus shows up, anything can happen.

His power is no match for any human realities, not even death. The key of death is in His hands (Rev 1:18).

• And everything can change simply at a word from Jesus.

This is the first thing we need to learn - our MINDSET must change.

1. When Jesus shows up, nothing can stop Him!

In order words, when He shows up, you can expect anything to happen!


Paul says He’s One "who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine..." (Eph 3:20).

Literally, exceeding abundantly above - superlatives are piled one upon the other here to impress us with this truth. It means to an extent that we cannot express. (Barnes’ Notes)

In order words, if you can imagine it - that is most likely not it. God can do beyond what you can imagine. It is not illogical, but Para logical - BEYOND our comprehension.

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