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Summary: Examining how Christians can faithfully complete what God begins in their lives

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The text reveals the story of a man of God who started well but did not finish what he started.

1. The DEDICATION of the Man of God (v. 1-17)

A. He was dedicated to following God (v. 1)

B. He was dedicated to representing God (v. 2-3)

C. He was dedicated to living in God’s power (v. 4-5)

D. He was dedicated to prayer (v. 6)

E. He was dedicated to obedience (v. 7-17)

2. The DISOBEDIENCE of the Man of God (v. 18-22)

While he was dedicated to obedience at first, he soon disobeyed.

The man’s sin was that he believed the words of man rather than following the direction of God.

3. The DEMISE of the Man of God (v. 23-26)

His sin caused his demise - his death.

Sin causes our demise as affects areas such as our health (we die because of sin), our home (others suffer when we sin, i.e., David), our heart (we stand condemned before God), etc.


1. Get rid of SIN

2. Get a hold of STABILITY

3. Get your gaze on the SAVIOR

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