Summary: The most important sanitizer is the Holy Spirit. He is the one we need to wash our hearts and spiritual hands. In this series, we shall learn how and what to wash in our life

With the advent of the coronavirus, daily everyone is washing hands to remain clean and uncontaminated. All because the health authorities working in liaison with the government have instructed us on what to do so in this period of the coronavirus attack. It is so simple yet so helpful in minimizing the spreading of the virus from person to person contact. They have also encouraged us to wear a face mask, keeping a distance of about two meters from each other when performing any social activities. That is good and fair enough.

But at the same time, and in the same way, but left out of all this is the spiritual washing of heart and hands to keep clean. In fact, very few of us know or may have been taught to know that God has also commanded us to do the same daily. The governmental authorities have no knowledge of the things of God, but we do. We are inexcusable because our heavenly Father did instruct us on such practices out of His goodness and mercy.

The question now is as believers in Christ Jesus have you obeyed the commands of God? Have you washed your heart and your hands this morning? The heart and the hands are some of the active parts of our spiritual life and health.

If you have you accepted from the Lord Jesus the free gift of salvation, then the daily washing your sins and errors is how to keep healthy in the midst of the virus contamination of sin. In other words, if you have received the washing of the regeneration and the renewing of the Holy Spirit then this is a continuous exercise to keep your spiritual life and fire burning.

You might ask what I mean by all this teaching? It is to show you the importance of washing your robes in the blood of the Lamb to avoid the viral attack. While it is important to wash your heart and hands as the Lord requires. This represents the outward and the inward man. The inward and outward acts of the spiritual and the natural man.

To help you understand what to do and what is at stake, I have compiled a list of the needful things to know. Here are some of the things to wash off from your spiritual life with the water of the scriptures and the cleansing agent of the Holy Spirit.

All the filthiness of the flesh and spirit such as:

• All practice of evil speaking against your brothers and sisters from the same or other denominations.

• The harboring of envy, jealousy, un-forgiveness, revengefulness, resentment, bitterness against your brothers and sisters.

• The keeping of hard-heartedness, enmity, unkindness, anger, and wrath.

• The acts of being over sensitive, judgmental, critical, deceitful, exhibiting hatred, implacable and hypocritical towards others.

These are some of the things to wash out of our life in the season of the pandemic. We need a re-examination of our spiritual life. WE need to take an inventory of all things. This is not a question of sitting on the fence. It requires going up to the throne room of the Lord.

But have you dipped and washed cleaned all your filthiness of the flesh and the spirit in the blood of Jesus? The presence of these things in our life dishonors the Lord. He is not pleased. So go ahead and get it done. God help us

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