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Summary: We need to walk by faith and not by sight, but that doesn’t mean we are blind.

Judges 16:19-30

Verse 21-They Blinded Him:

Satan has blinded a lot of people with attractiveness of sin, they have not recognized that there are consequences to their sins!

They Bound Him:

There are a lot of people I know that are bound by sin, it has them tied to it and they can’t seem to escape it!

They Made Him A Slave:

People get blinded by sin and it’s effects upon them and others, they get bound by it, and then they become it’s slave!

My brother drank as long as I can remember and he would all ways say to people who questions him about his drinking, “I can quit anytime I want too!”

But he didn’t quit until about 3 months before he died, but by then his body was in such bad shape from all the years of drinking it was to late!

Lessons We can Learn From Samson:

They took his eyes but they didn’t take his sight!!!

He Had Hindsight:

Verse 22-His hair began to grow again!

A haircut was a sign that he was disobedient to God!

I think he looked back and seen what caused him to be in the situation that he was in!

We need to look back at the past and see where we went wrong!

His Hair Began To Grow-He began to be obedient to God once again!

He was blind, he was bound, he was a slave but he could still be obedient to God!

Don’t wait for the perfect circumstances before you start obeying God again!

He Had Insight:

Verse 28-He prayed!

He prayed that God would give him strength, that God would help him!

That God would help achieve what God had called him to do!

You have got to have the insight…I can come thru this with God’s help! I can overcome this with God’s help!

I can come out this better than I went in!

You can pray no matter where you are!

No matter what the circumstance might be!

One More Time-Have you ever prayed that?

“Lord, help me just one more time!”

“Lord, just help me fight temptation, one more time!”

“Lord, just help me keep my mouth shut, one more time!”

He Had Foresight:

Verse 29-Samson Took Hold!

He prayed for strength, now he is acting like God has given him strength!

He is exercising his faith!

He is walking by faith and not by sight!


Are you trying to do things for God with one hand and trying to do what you want to do with the other?

Verse 30-Let Me Die

When you are ready to die to the flesh or ready to die to your agenda , God is ready to use you even greater than He has in the past!


With hindsight, insight and foresight, you can recognize that God can help you!

No matter how far I’ve gone down God can help me up!

God can take my last day and make it my best day!

God can take my last years and make them my best years!

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