Summary: God has made a way through our wilderness of sin, Weakness of humanity and Wickedness of the World. A way through the worlds "facade" of what it calls life.

Hungry for the highway

Isaiah 35



In the Movie "the Truman show" Truman doesn’t realize the truth that his great hometown life is a façade-orchestrated and created by an evil producer who wants to hold him captive to increase the shows ratings. The movie is a parody of the facade of the world we live in. The producer is the archvillain trying to keep Truman bound to his reality. Truman is the hero-just trying to find his way... just trying to find the truth, meaning and purpose of his life.

In this episode he sets out his boat (terrified of water) seeking what is really out there-trying to escape the façade of what has been for portrayed him as life...

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[Reveal the need]

As Truman opened the door, he realized that what he perceived as real, all his life, was a lie. Up those stairs and through that door was another reality-another life. In our world of wars, terrorism, violence, crime, death, sickness and sorrow stands before us the same door-a way past the façade in the lives of this life-a way of truth.

[Biblical text]

the prophet Isaiah spoke of this way. After a number of sermons regarding God’s judgment upon the Edomites and the Gentile world -he prophesies to King Hezekiah about a promise God is giving him in the latter part of his reign. But like most profits in the Old Testament, Isaiah’s prophecies spans three moments in time in one prophecy.

1. A direct promise to Israel under Hezekiah’s reign.

2. A promise of coming Redeemer who bring restoration to the present plight of mankind and-

3. A future restoration of the Earth in the final chapters of time.

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[Structural Overview]

God has made a way for mankind to escape the deception man is living in. God has made a way to truth and the discovery of our purpose in life. He is made that way for you and for me. Through Isaiah’s prophecy we will discover how God has made that way possible through the wilderness of societies sin, the weakness of humanity’s condition and the wickedness of this present world-so that we may once again enjoy God splendor and glory.

[Homiletical purpose]

I believe Isaiah’s prophecy is calling on us to believe more strongly the restorative effects of Christ’s provision for us through the way of the cross.


I. [1-2] Despite Our Wilderness-God Has Made a Way!

A. Here we see the antithesis of the fall of man and the curse in the garden of Eden.

1. Genesis 3:17-19 pronounces how the Earth, which was full of abundance became a wilderness due to our sin.

a. In sorrow and toil shall mankind eat the fruit of the soil.Thorns and thistles shall be brought forth. Hard labor and work - toil and sweat should be the way man survives.

b. In contrast, when man was created he enjoyed God’s glory and splendor. Genesis 3: 8 tells us that man actually "heard the sound and walked with God in the garden." He enjoyed fellowship and life with his creator.

c. However, as we know, man chose to rebel against God. But entire human race would fall under the judgment of sin and death, sorrow and sickness were the results-a wilderness developed.

1. The Harmony in creation was lost-animals, insects, plants, humans - would compete to survive - each preying upon the other.

2. The Harmony in mans soul was lost - fellowship with God was now hindered - He would have to find a way to reach God. Lonliness, isolation, soul searching, emptiness, unfulfilment - all the

result of the wilderness brought about by sin.

3. Man was doomed to live his life under the deception and lies of his deceiver. Satan had won a death blow to the human race. He would now control the world - its govt’s, systems, societies, philosophies -even religions. He brought about a spiritual wilderness that we now live in - and he desires to keep mankind blinded, deceived and dumb until he dies - hiding the way, the truth and the life as a viel over mans eyes, keeping mankind from seeing the way of escape that God has provided.

B. But notice what the prophet says, " Even the wilderness will rejoice in those days." God has made a way!

1. God began to make that way the moment man sinned. He would provide a Redeemer. Genesis 2:15 tells of the prophecy of Christ, " Jesus would bruise and tread Satan underfoot in victory - while Satan would but bruise Christ’s heels at the cross of Calvary."

2. Isaiah prophecies to Hezehiah, Israel would physically blossom in the wilderness with rejoicing and abundance. However prophets often saw through the lens of time and observed various times of history all at once - not realizing the span of years in between.

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Richard Vacha

commented on Nov 3, 2007

Excellent outline and presentation! Your sermon was the only one I found on this web site that presented Is. 35 from an exegetical perspective.

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